Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain

We’re a creative agency, made in Vancouver, organized for our digital culture.

We create, build, and maximize brands by getting people to engage and interact. That means we love to build websites, apps, content, and campaigns. And we especially like to do this work for you on time, on budget, and without an army of account people or excess overhead to complicate your message.

We create digital experiences, products, and content to build brands.

Creative development and branding
We love digital, but we’ve spent 10-years coming up with campaign ideas for established brands and brand new ones on every medium.

Web & app design and tech development
We work on whatever screen size is required. That means full screen web experiences or utility based applications on phones or social media sites.

User experience and content development
We build our projects with users in mind from the get go, filling them with whatever storytelling fits best, from videos and blogs, to old school words.

Project Management & post campaign analysis
Our strategic plan is simply to do things. And do them on time and on budget a optimizing the results after we launch. We like action more than talking about it.

Internet Marketing, Social Media

Job Opportunities at Pound & Grain

Intermediate Developer
We’re looking for a talented Intermediate Developer to join our growing team. We want someone with 3-5 years experience working within a team and the ability to transform requirements into awesome,... more

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