Primal is building a thought networking platform. Similar to a social network their though network allows users to represent themselves digitally online. Users can upload and share their thoughts and ideas. The platform aims to help users expand and clarify their thinking, a computer will be able to act as your virtual assistant and help the user get things done.


News on Primal

The Demos of NextMEDIA Toronto
November 30th was the first day of the two day NextMEDIA event in Toronto, and in the afternoon of the event, five companies demoed their products. Representatives from Ogmento, Thoora, Darwin... more
Primal Fusion Updates
Waterloo based start up Primal Fusion is still only available to alpha testers (which anyone can become by visiting Primal Fusion) but a new feature now allows those who don’t wish to sign up... more
StartupCamp Waterloo Event Summary
This past Tuesday another Waterloo StartupCamp took place at the Accelerator Centre. The camp had a great turn out with seven teams making presentations. This is the first startup camp I have... more
Primal Fusion Alpha Accounts Available
Waterloo based Primal Fusion has been working an interesting web based software service that has been dubbed as “thought networking”. The goal of the software is to take users thoughts... more
Primal Fusion organizes your thoughts
Waterloo's Primal Fusion announced the launch of its semantic technology platform and the world's first consumer "thought networking" service at the DEMO 09 conference yesterday. After years of... more

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