Projjex Software Coporation

Projjex Software Coporation

In today's economy it's more imperative than ever for small businesses to both maximize revenue AND minimize expenses. While this may seem like an obvious statement it's never as easy as it sounds!

We are a company that focuses on building products that help small businesses save money, save time and get closer to their customers. That's all we do.

Projjex is an online service that helps small businesses manage their clients, projects, tasks, time and invoices. It's designed to help you run your business in the most efficient manner possible. It helps you drive more revenue, lower your costs, and improve your business relationships.

How? Here are a few examples:

• Projjex will save your team several hours a month by
. reducing or eliminating status meetings.

• It'll save you more hours each month by reducing the
. time required to track time and prepare invoices.

• Projjex helps you manage your projects better: create
. project budgets, track them closely, and keep on top of
. everything that's going on.

• Projjex helps you get closer to your clients - and even
. your sub-contractors. Share some or all project
. information with them; create discussion groups;
. collaborate on documents and much more.

Save time. Save money. Get closer to your customers.


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