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At Public Mobile, we believe in giving customers more choice and control over their wireless spend on a robust national 4G LTE network. The new cooperative approach offers customers the ability to customize their plan including how long they want it. In addition, they have the opportunity to earn rewards to help bring their wireless costs down further.

We started as a small company who wanted to make a difference, and we did. Formed in 2008, we offer prepaid wireless services at competitive prices to customers across Canada. Our success will start with the people working on the business and the enthusiasm we bring to it.

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Telus Rebrands Public Mobile, Changes All Plans, Only Rips Customers off a Little
The influence of Telus over Public Mobile—a startup wireless carrier born from a 2008 spectrum auction it acquired last year—is now in full swing. The telecommunications giant isn't... more
Canada's Wireless Carrier Nightmare Continues: Telus Plans to Shut Down Public Mobile
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What's the First Thing Telus Does After Buying Public Mobile? Lowers Data and Raises Prices
In a move that should surprise few, Public Mobile's plan prices are due to rise following its acquisition by Telus. The Vancouver-based telecommunications company immediately removed Public's... more
Big Three No More? Telus Withdraws from Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association to Put 'Customers First'
Telus has withdrawn from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. The Vancouver-based telecommunication company's decision to pull out from the industry's main lobby group is a... more
Government Approves Telus Acquiring Wireless Carrier Public Mobile
The federal government in a surprise move has approved an agreement for Telus to acquire discount wireless carrier Public Mobile. Previously, the government rejected Telus' efforts to acquire... more
Thomson Family Takes Over Public Mobile
Public Mobile, one of Canada's startup discount wireless carriers, has been sold to new investors. The Thomson family, which operates Toronto-based venture capital firm Thomvest and holding... more
Wind Mobile Reaches 500,000 Canadian Subscriber Milestone
Wind Mobile has reached a milestone: the discount wireless carrier now has more than 500,000 subscribers across Canada. Founded in 2008, Wind is far off its own target for subscribers—by... more
Canada's Wireless Sector is Globally Competitive in Pricing and Innovation, Contrarian Claims
A Canadian organization shocked the nation this week with an incredibly contrarian claim to everything we believe today: our country's wireless services are globally competitive in both pricing and... more
Canadian Wireless Carrier Starts Selling Financial Services to Fuel Growth
Canadian wireless carrier Public Mobile may not doing so well by just selling talk, text, and data plans for mobile phones. The apparently struggling company is offering a new, unexpected product... more
Public Mobile Confirms Participation in Spectrum Auction
Startup discount wireless carrier Public Mobile today confirmed that it is indeed participating in the federal government's upcoming spectrum auction. The company had previously suggested it would... more
Wind Mobile and Public Mobile Threaten to Boycott Upcoming Wireless Auction
If the government doesnt set aside any spectrum for the startup carriers in its upcoming wireless auction, they'll simply skip the event. Wind Mobile is threatening to sit out the auction if the... more
Public Mobile kiosks pop up in Zellers
Public Mobile is now in 29 Zellers locations in Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area. The startup discount wireless carrier has continued to grow within the two regions, though has not expanded... more
Public Mobile Has a 3G Network Right Now But They've Been Keeping it a Secret
Public Mobile has had its 2G network for a while now and plenty of cheap, talk-and-text dumb phones like the Kyocera Tomo and ZTE E520. But the discount wireless carrier startup knows that growth... more
Public Mobile Leaked Document: 'Rogers is Obsessed With Putting New Entrants Out of Business'
Some insider numbers and opinions have surfaced around Public Mobile, one of Canada's startup discount carriers. A tipster leaked a document to mobile blog Mobile Syrup. The internal memo was... more
Wireless startups to claim less Canadian subscriptions than originally expected, report reveals
In April, Convergence released a report that forecast wireless startups (Wind, Public, and Mobilicity) to capture 16% of the Canadian subscriber market by the end of 2014. This month, Convergence... more
Public Mobile expands coverage to reach 93% of Canadians
One of startup wireless carrier Public Mobile's original crippling factors was its awful coverage—outside of its limited Public coverage areas, you couldn't text or call.  Last year... more
Public Mobile picks at WInd Mobile's open wounds, Globalive to defend itself in Supreme Court
Public Mobile is looking to raze Wind Mobile via the legal system. And while it hasn't yet succeeded, it hasn't yet failed, either. The startup telco is a direct rival to Wind, which—being... more
Canada's wireless startups snag a quarter of all new subscribers but still have a long way to go: Report
Startup wireless carriers like Wind and Mobilicity and capturing one in four new subscribers, according to a report by the CRTC, but they still have a long way to go. Public Mobile, Videtron,... more
Which Canadian wireless carrier is best? JD Power knows. Hint: It's none of the Big Three
JD Power and Associated unveiled its 2011 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction report today.  In it are some obvious facts: first, average monthly wireless charges increased from 2009.... more
Report suggests wireless entrants to claim 16% marketshare by 2016, but neglects one thing
The Convergence Consulting Group has released a new study. Titled “The Battle for the North American (Canada/US) Couch Potato: Bundling, TV, Internet, Telephone, Wireless,” the study... more
Landlines' final nail in the coffin? Public Mobile unleashes Unlimited Talk for $15
Landlines have become largely a redundant monthly expense as telcos have expanded wireless networks and smartphones gain ever-increasing capabilities. But even so, there's still a niche that simply... more
Public Mobile-branded smartphone to launch in April but unlikely to generate Buzz
Public Mobile has decided to launch its own branded smartphone called Buzz. The phone, which looks like a retro BlackBerry knockoff, is low on details but MobileSyrup managed to get this image of... more
Public Mobile expects other startups to fail and wants to acquire them. Good luck
Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic has come out and said - without naming names, of course - that it expects one or two of the wireless startups to run out of money by the end of the year. And that... more
Wind Mobile agrees: consolidation in Canada's telecom industry is necessary
Let's talk subscribers. Telus: 7 million. Bell: 7.3 million. Rogers: 9 million, Wind, Public Mobile, and Mobilicty combined? Less than half a million, or under two percent the amount the Big... more
Will America's AT&T and T-Mobile merger trigger aftershocks in the Canadian telecom industry?
When AT&T announced on the weekend it would buy T-Mobile in full for $39 billion, few saw this coming. But while both companies serve the U.S., this unexpected earthquake in America's telecom... more
Public Mobile to launch lowest roaming cell phone rates in Canada
In less than two weeks, Public Mobile will be offering what it calls “the lowest roaming cell phone rates ever in Canadian history” for its customers. Form its outset, lapses in... more

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