PumpUp Inc.

PumpUp Inc.

PumpUp is the world's most inspiring community for healthy and active living!

PumpUp is the first photo-based social network for healthy and active living. Harnessing the power of the social networking and selfies trends, the PumpUp platform motivates and inspires people to live and maintain an active lifestyle. Our mission is to improve the health, fitness and lives of people across the globe.

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News on PumpUp Inc.

Four Canadian Startups Creating the Future of Fitness
As obesity rates reach all-time highs, a new culture of health and fitness is emerging to rally against sedentary lifestyles. Fuelled by new technology and the rise of the "quantified self," the... more
PumpUp App Aims to Be the Gym Buddy You've Always Wanted
For people who are inclined to skip a gym day or two when they’re feeling lazy, PumpUp may be one of the apps that can keep you motivated.  Using the same sort of motivational power... more
Despite Dragons' Den No, PumpUp Secures $2.4 Million in Seed Funding
Toronto's PumpUp today announced the closing of a $2.4 million seed financing round led by General Catalyst Partners. Additional investors included Azure Capital Partners, Relay Ventures, Freycinet... more
Toronto's PumpUp Launches Photo-Based Health and Fitness Social Network
Toronto's PumpUp this week launched a photo-based health and fitness social network. The platform is designed to inspire people and keep them motivated to live and maintain an active lifestyle,... more
Dragons' Den Episode Results in Two Offers, One Deal, and No Money Again
Last week Techvibes reported that Vancouver's Shnarped was the latest tech startup to get funding on CBC Dragons' Den. Tonight a couple startups from the East Coast got their chance to pitch the... more
Waterloo's Hyperdrive Announces Second Cohort of Startups
Despite a small population, Waterloo has been recognized one of the world's best startup ecosystems and praised by well-respected investors. In 2007, the city hosted 443 technology companies and... more
Canadian Startup PumpUp Launches to Help Everyone Meet Their Hardest New Years' Resolution
With the New Year around the corner, Waterloo's PumpUp is launching just in time to help people lose those extra 20 pounds, run that 10k, or reach any other fitness goal. With over 40% of new... more

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