For over a decade, Radialpoint has been helping technology companies deliver leading product experiences by understanding the growing importance of customer support as the lynchpin of the customer experience.

Our products enable technology companies to provide support that is instant and complete. Helping them build stronger relationships by supporting all of their customers’ technology problems, resolving any issue, even if the cause of the issue falls outside the provider’s own product.


News on Radialpoint

AppDirect Acquires Montreal's Radialpoint
AppDirect has acquired Montreal's Radialpoint, a provider of cloud and technical support services for small businesses and consumers. Founded in 1997, Radialpoint provides technical support... more
Montreal's Radialpoint Reveals Solution to Help Tech Support Agents Solve More Problems
Radialpoint is putting its years of experience and extensive data toward the creation of a search engine focussed on surfacing the best tech knowledge on the web. After years working behind the... more
PROFIT 100 list announced
The PROFIT 100 list is out and tech companies are well represented. Every CEO or business owner can learn from, and be inspired by, the success stories celebrated by the PROFIT 100, the... more
Radialpoint acquires broadband solution provider Casero
Montreal's Radialpoint announced today that it has acquired Toronto-based Casero Inc. - the number one provider of online backup and media sharing solutions for Internet service providers (ISPs).... more

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