Ramius Corporation

Ramius Corporation

Ramius Corporation is an enterprise social software company, focused on the development of online community systems and social networking platforms for engagement with, and research of, employees, customers and partners. Since 1998, Ramius software has been used by millions of individual users worldwide and across customer organizations including SAP, NASA, IEEE, Kaiser Permanente, the American Marketing Association, and the World Bank. Ramius is a privately-held company based in Ottawa, Canada.

Its products include Recollective, which is an asynchronous web-based software tool used by market researchers to identify and better understand customer insights; Sixent, which is designed to enable employees, customers and partners to find, connect, communicate and collaborate; and CommunityZero, which enables organizations to build scalable online communities to engage their target audience and to improve business performance.

For more information, visit us at www.ramius.net


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