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New Toronto Startup Helps Canadians Calculate the Actual Closing Costs of Buying a Home
Closing costs can up to 4% to the cost of buying a home in Canada. These costs, which include home inspection fees, legal fees, and taxes, vary by province and the specific circumstances of each... more
Toronto real estate startups we're buzzing about
Consumers are increasingly turning to the web for mortgage and real-estate information. Toronto is home to a number of new startups who cater to the online real estate and mortgage shopper. Whether... more
My Sprout Up Toronto experience & startup advice from GetSatisfaction's Lane Becker
Earlier this week I attended Sprout Up, a networking and learning event put on by the fine folks at Sprouter.com. It was advertised as a chance to meet like minded entrepreneurs while also learning... more
Three Toronto Startups to Watch
BigBoard This might be something I'll start using.  We all use calenders right?  The old school paper kind, Google Calender, and a slew of other apps and programs.  As their website... more

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