RDH Group

RDH Group

We have a passion for making buildings better. Whether it’s as part of a design team for new construction projects or working with a condominium owner group to plan for the renewal of building systems after 30 years of service, our focus is on helping clients make informed decisions that lead to durable and effective buildings.

RDH is different. We strive to be recognized as leaders—through our technical knowledge, our involvement in research and guideline publications, and our ability to handle the tough projects. RDH brings a depth of talent that is unequalled in our industry. We have a multifaceted understanding of building performance through the building science training of our engineers and technologists, the design expertise of our architects, and the practical knowledge of our construction management team. We integrate the science of building performance with practical construction knowledge and experience.

Founded in 1997, RDH is a privately owned company with almost all of our employees being shareholders. Employee ownership translates into a commitment to quality and service and helps us attract talented staff.


224 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada