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Tweetup looks at How to use Twitter to Sell (video)
The Tech Valley Social Club hosted their second Meet & Tweet event last night and Stephen Jagger of Ubertor/Reachd/Outsourcing Things Done was their speaker. Justin Carlson of Carlson Media was... more
Video Roundtable with Realtor Ian Watt
SEO Trainer Reachd is hosting an online roundtable discussion later this week with Vancouver's favorite video-blogging realtor Ian Watt. We will pick Ian's brain about why he uses video and the... more
Telus sends agents home to work
The Vancouver Sun's Gillian Shaw sat down recently with Vancouver Entrepreneur Stephen Jagger to chat about the benefits of launching a digital office. Considering today's economy, there is no... more
Gary Vaynerchuk on Vancouver's Reachd
Steve Jagger of Vancouver's Reachd and Ubertor is in NYC at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference this week speaking on Building a World Class Agent website. Also attending the conference and... more
Twitter for Reputation Management
Steve Jagger of and Ubertor knows a thing or two about getting PR. In advance of his co-hosted seminar on The Case for New Communications Tools at the Vancouver Board of Trade tomorrow... more
Vancouver Board of Twitters?
The Vancouver Board of Trade has a great panel on board next week for a seminar called Tough Talk for Tender Causes, The Case for new Commnuncations Tools: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Social... more

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