Retsly is a backend as a service for the real estate industry that normalizes data from MLS providers and implements a cohesive and consistent real time API for integrating MLS data into real estate software while addressing industry compliance concerns.


News on Retsly

Retsly Hosting Hackathon to Disrupt Real Estate Industry
The real estate industry is ripe for innovation and an upcoming hackathon is looking to prove it. Embracing the power of the Retsly Listings and Public Data APIs, zip.code 2015 aims to bring... more
Zillow Acquires Retsly from GrowLab Portfolio
Seattle-based Zillow just announced that it has acquired Vancouver's Retsly, a GrowLab portfolio company founded in 2013. Zillow has not disclosed the financial terms of the acquisition. NASDAQ... more
Startups Continue to Innovate at Canada's Biggest Accelerators
As more and more accelerators pop up in Canada, critics are suggesting a bubble may be forming. True or not, the largest and oldest accelerators in Canada are consistently fostering innovative... more
2014 Canadian Financing Forum Names Winners
As day two of the 2014 Canadian Financing Forum (CFF) wraps up, the votes are in. At each CFF delegates are given the chance to vote for the companies with the most outstanding presentations and... more
Cofounder Diaries: Just Like Marriage, It Will Probably End in Divorce
Finding the right business partner is nearly impossible. Much like marriage you are legally making a commitment to a person and much like marriage it’s statistically likely you’ll split... more
Five Secret Reasons to Join an Accelerator
Being an entrepreneur sucks. Everyone in earshot of me could easily get a great paying job, enjoy paid vacation, and be able to relax on weekends. Instead we’ve all decided to barely take a... more
From Sunny Los Angeles to Rainy Vancouver: The Weather Sucks, but It's a Better Startup Climate
For the last 32 years I’ve enjoyed the sunny skies of Los Angeles. Three months ago I moved to Vancouver for the outstanding climate. I’m not talking about weather—rather, the... more
Three GrowLab Companies Nominated To Receive Permanent Residency From Startup Visa Canada
GrowLab announced this morning that it has nominated three companies to receive permanent residency from the Startup Visa Canada program: Cognilab, Retsly and Zeetl. The Startup Visa Canada... more

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