Formed in 2013 with the merger of RinkNet, ISS Hockey and NEXT Testing, HockeyTech stands as a worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics and information services. While HockeyTech is a new corporate identity, our divisions have been providing cutting-edge solutions to the hockey world since 1998.

At HockeyTech’s core is our Hockey Player Management and Scouting System called RinkNet. It is the world’s largest private data repository on hockey player, team, and league information. Our client teams, leagues and organizations rely upon our cloud-based system to manage their vital player and prospect information in a secure environment.

The HockeyTech data repository also stores the company’s proprietary information that is compiled on behalf of our clients. These include both quantitative and qualitative information on over a quarter million active hockey players throughout the world. Vital quantitative information, such as player statistics, height/weight measurements, rosters, schedules, and more are supplemented by player evaluations from HockeyTech’s worldwide network of ISS Hockey scouts.

ISS Hockey scouts are within reach of every young hockey player in the world, and attend every major hockey tournament, in addition to thousands of league games each year. Game and player reports are evaluated to ensure reliability and consistency to create detailed player scouting profiles and rankings. All ranked players will have been viewed and evaluated multiple times over numerous years by several of our ISS scouts.

The HockeyTech data repository also stores advanced on-ice and off-ice testing results compiled through our NEXT Technology. HockeyTech offers team and league testing, as well as proprietary ISS Hockey combines. For the first time, clients are able to compare standardized player testing results worldwide with peers, elite players, and even NHL professionals.

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