RIPL (Beta)

RIPL (Beta)

With the explosion of web sites and services offering online communities based around friends, music, videos, photos, and blogs, we've been forced to spend so much of our time online in transit. That is to say, we've made so many connections on the Web, that we spend more time and effort getting the stuff we want than we do actually enjoying it. We have to use MySpace and Facebook for friends, iTunes and Limewire for music, YouTube for videos, Photobucket for photos, and Blogger and Technorati for blogs (just to name a few). Attempting to coordinate them all? We're a little tired of it.

Out of this collective dismay, the idea for RIPL was born. We knew that the Internet had everything we wanted, but we weren't satisfied with how hard we had to try to get it. We were convinced that there had to be an easier way.

So we decided to simplify it. To create something that would enable us to update all our friends at the click of a button. Something that would send us all our friends' photos, music, videos and blogs without even having to open a browser. Something that would let us communicate around the things and ideas we share on the spur of the moment. Something that gave us the freedom to choose who saw what. Something that would make it easier to stay connected.

With RIPL, we present to you the first inkling of that idea. A glimmer of hope for a better way to get the things we want. Something that makes life easier, faster, and even more connected. We've just started on this journey, and we're working hard to bring the RIPL vision all the way home. Meanwhile, enjoy the freedom of browser-free connection. Welcome to RIPL.


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Seattle, Washington, United States