ROWEBCA is primarily a web hosting company, with registered office in Montreal, Canada. We also offer computer-related services locally, in Montreal and surroundings.

Why Rowebca?
Our customers will always come first. They will be able to reach our support team at any time they need assistance with their web hosting account through our Ticketing System. We may also help them by providing website support such as programming troubleshooting or tips for enhancing websites.

Reliability and Speed
We will make sure that our customers’ websites are accessible 24/7 without any service interruption. At the same time, we provide enhanced speed, translated into 99.99% uptime guarantee for our entire customer base. This is possible because we use the highest end of equipment available to date, loaded with the software and applications that respond to strict demands for server reliability;
more importantly, we work hard to ensure a quality service.

We are providing professional website related products & services that you can rely on.

We have expertize in a mix of premium products/services including web hosting, WHMCS services, server security, server configuration & more. One of our personal traits is that we stick to what we have a lot of experience in and are passionate about. We feel that this is the reason why we're able to provide unmatched quality and value for money in everything that we do.

IT Consulting, Software, Web Design & Development, Hosting, E-Commerce, Miscellaneous

707 - 6550 Sherbrooke Street West
Montréal, Québec, Canada