Sandvine Incorporated

Sandvine Incorporated

Sandvine's award-winning network equipment helps broadband service providers characterize what really happens on their networks, enabling policies that improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and improve profitability. We help service providers take control of P2P traffic, stop the proliferation of destructive worm, DoS and Spam traffic and achieve new operational efficiencies. Sandvine products are protecting the Internet experience for millions of broadband subscribers worldwide.


News on Sandvine Incorporated

Netflix accounts for 30% of Internet traffic in North America
According to a report released by Sandvine today Netflix accounted for 29.7% of all information downloaded during peak usage hours by North American broadband-connected households in March 2011.... more
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Sandvine spins off Search Guide technology
Yesterday Sandvine reported record quarterly revenue of $22.4 Million for its second quarter of 2010. During a conference call to discuss its second-quarter financial results Dave Caputo,... more
The great Canadian net neutrality debate
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PROFIT 100 list announced
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