Scriptovia is a new website that is dedicated to help students learn from each other through collaboration and sharing. Basically, Scriptovia is a Web 2.0 application that will allow students to share academic documents in an online community, much like YouTube to video or Flickr to photos. Students will be able to look at other students’ schoolwork in order to use an example to do their own assignments. For example, a student can look at another student’s essay to see how it was structured, what resources were used, and get topic ideas, or students who are in similar classes can share notes. Students will also be able to post their own documents in order to get a constant flow of feedback from fellow students in the community. The site will give students an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment much like adults in the 21st century workplace, while helping them to identify where the line is between collaboration and plagiarism.
Our Mission is to increase students’ productivity and depth of learning by providing them with a means to learn, share, and collaborate with fellow students in a virtual environment. We would like to see Scriptovia become the number one online education portal, the website that every student comes to before they start their schoolwork for the night.


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