Search to Phone

Search to Phone

On a rainy day in early June 2004, Search-To-Phone co-founder Carmin Turco was talking to his friend and soon-to-be-business-partner, Sebastian Replanski. The local businesses that made up a majority of his boutique Internet marketing company were frustrated. "They don't care about clicks... they just want the phone to ring."

Sebastian's vast expertise in telephony and database design went to work and over the next several hours the pair hashed out on a napkin what would later become the Search-To-Phone system. Since that day the project has taken the two friends all over the country as they searched for adoption of this new technology.

During the summer of 2007, the company attended the TechStars technology accelerator in Boulder, Colorado and in October of that same year closed their first round of financing.

Search-To-Phone is a patent-pending technology and is a registered trademark of WeBe Yellow, Inc. We are a privately funded enterprise with offices in Boulder, Colorado and New York City's Upper West Side.


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