Seevibes is a leading digital media company on a mission to help TV networks, advertisers and brands drive maximum benefit from social media insights on their properties.

Launched in 2011, and quickly recognized as a high growth potential startup, Seevibes enjoyed the benefits of immediate industry validation from a who’s who of top broadcasters and advertisers. And with that validation came further support from the Canadian venture capital community.
Today the company is proud to serve its growing roster of major brand, agency and TV network tracking over 3000 TV programs and 500 brands worldwide.

Each week Seevibes analyzes and categorizes more than 20 million daily viewer social media posts on what they’re watching and how they are interacting and engaging with the content. As the adoption and use of mobile devices continues its march toward 100% consumer market penetration, we expect to see a steady increase in the Second Screen phenomenon providing increasingly rich data and perspective on audience tastes and preferences.

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