Sendwithus allows non-technical team members to control and optimize transactional email outside of source code, like the Welcome, Reminder, or Notification emails that all apps send.

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BattleSnake Challenges Developers to Code Artifical Intelligence Combat
For the third year in a row, Sendwithus is presenting BattleSnake, an opportunity for local students and developers to compete in an artificial intelligence programming competition for $2,500 in... more
Introducing Student Talent to Local Startups to Boost Ecosystem a Growing Event Model
In today’s economy, employment opportunities for students and recent grads are sparse. Most of us, even if we do find a job, usually have to work outside our area of expertise on a lower... more
The Techvibes 20, April 2014 Edition – Powered by GoToMeeting
    The Techvibes 20 is a bi-monthly list of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada. The list is carefully curated by Techvibes editorial staff and reflects who's... more
First BC-founded Company Backed by Y Combinator
When Victoria startup Sendwithus mysteriously uprooted their entire team to Silicon Valley, friends and colleagues were shocked by the move. Within a couple weeks, the eight-person team packed... more

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