SharedReviews is a social network that allows you to connect with other consumers to share and learn about real consumer product experiences. Our ambition is to provide a resource to educate consumers about products; educate them with reviews created by other consumers.

The concept is designed to keep money in your pocket by equipping you with accurate product information that can help you make wise purchasing decisions -- but it doesn't stop there. It's also designed to put money in your pocket, by allowing you to recoup some of what you spent.

Recoup you say?
SharedReviews is built around the experiences of our community. We collect those experiences and share them with other sites that want to tap into the thoughts of everyday people, with real opinions about actual products. In other words, by leveraging those experiences on the Internet, we're able to create actual monetary value around what you have to say.

How does this work?
SharedReviews is built on the simple idea that community comes first. Our community members are so important, that not only do we pay them a portion of the money generated from their involvement in the community, the amount is determined by how much effort they put into getting involved with SharedReviews.


News on SharedReviews

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