SmartHippo is the first ever web site that allows individuals to use the power of a community to save money when shopping for rates on financial products and services.

Many borrowers currently end up with higher mortgage rates simply because they lack the necessary information or knowledge to negotiate the best possible deal. Higher rates can mean the difference between being able to send one's kids to college or not. champions a consumer-friendly approach to lending based on transparency and accountability. The company uses the power of online communities to level the playing field and put the balance of power back in the hands of consumers, where it belongs.

For banks and financial institutions, provides a platform where they can connect with prospective customers and engage them in a conversation at a level never before possible.

Members of can see real rates reported by real consumers, and sort through banks based on feedback posted by other members of the community. allows any individual to post information and feedback on the rate they received, and to compare rates with other members of the community with similar profiles.

The company, which is privately held, launched the beta version of its web site on September 17, 2007.


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