Small businesses struggle with finding new clients while working on projects that pay the bills. There is just not enough time and energy for a traditional sales approach. Existing sales and CRM software is complicated, expensive, and fails to provide what small businesses and service providers really need. Since we couldn't find any existing solution, we created one: Doorbell is the first sales software for non-sales people.

To us a business network only makes sense when you can actually do something with it that benefits you and the people you do business with. We created the SmibsNet where you can promote your company and yourself as a professional. Then, from that network, you can invite others to work with you using Doorbell. Your personal Smibs Lounge brings all your activities and tasks together in one spot. Simple, fast and easy to handle even for the smallest business.

The Smibs Network is launching together with Doorbell. If you're like us and can't wait for a better way to do business, join our beta program now!


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