Sodraft is a Vancouver based technology startup which has positioned itself to exploit the dynamic Fantasy Sports Market through the development of the first social drafting simulator. This simulator has transformed the traditional serpentine draft into a robust online platform which empowers its users to draft a single team and directly compete with an unlimited number of competitors; all without compromising the integrity of the draft or user experience. Essentially, this is the first and only platform which has successfully re-imagined the traditional draft into a truly social platform.

With 1 in 9 Americans participating in fantasy leagues, and significant growth for fantasy sports around the globe, Sodraft aims to become the primary social platform for fantasy sports world-wide.

The X-Draft simulator (US Provisional Patent) combines a traditional serpentine draft with a tiered-path picking system, producing over 16 trillion unique team combinations. Membership and participation with Sodraft is completely free, and all users will be automatically enrolled to compete in the main fantasy league for each sport in which they draft a team. These users will then be eligible for a variety of weekly and seasonal cash prizes. In addition to the main league, a “Groups” function will allow users to create their own private leagues, or join public leagues for Colleges, Cities, States and Countries. This will increase their prize contention, while also giving users the ability to socially compete against as many or as few users as they like. With very few innovations to seasonal fantasy sports games since its online inception, industry leaders have been scrambling to develop new ways to retain existing users and attract new comers. Sodraft is confident the X-Draft is the innovation the fantasy sports industry needs to re-engage the veterans and entice potential new players.

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