After performing and recording independent music for years, we realized something very interesting. Every time we let our fans choose the prices they paid for our shows and CDs, we always made more money. People who wanted to pay more, paid more. And people who didn’t want to pay more were still able to contribute at lower prices.

It was good for everyone. The fans were able to express how much they liked the music by showing their support in the most meaningful way. And we walked away with more money, which meant we had a better chance to continue making the music our fans loved.

But the biggest thing was, it created such a great feeling between us and our fans. People really liked being in control of what they paid for our music. And we really liked giving them that control. After all, different songs have drastically different value to different people. So why not let everyone express that value when they pay for music?

We started SongSlide because we believe there is a huge well of untapped generosity out there in the world of independent music. We believe that when fans are given the choice to support their favorite artists by paying more for their music, they will pay more. Why? Because it feels great to support the musicians you love. And because fans know it will make a difference to the artists.

Our goal is to help independent musicians make more money from their music, and at the same time help millions of fans find new music they never knew they loved.


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Seattle, Washington, United States