Spring Activator Inc.

Spring Activator Inc.

Spring is focused on helping high growth, for-profit, purpose-driven companies create meaningful change in our world. The Spring model is an evolution of the best elements of accelerator and incubator methodologies. We support companies with a mixed offering of targeted skills and resources, access to a strong network of mentors and investors, shared workspace, and access to capital.

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VanIMPACT15 focuses on the intersection between Purpose + Profit + Technology, and how together they become a powerful force for change. This year's theme is Good Growth: as the founder of a... more

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Historically, public markets have signalled economic contractions and expansions, which in turn dictates the capital available to startups. This brings to mind the recent turmoil with China's... more
Insight on Culture, Brand, and Ego from Hootsuite's Ambrosia Vertesi
Spring’s Kick Activator recently hosted Ambrosia Vertesi, VP of Talent at Hootsuite, for a Kick Session at The Cave in the Spring office on East Georgia Street. The topic of the talk was... more
Startup Week Vancouver Promises to Impress with Tech Fest Recruiting Event Front and Centre
After watching Edmonton school the rest of Canada on how to host a Startup Week, Vancouver is giving it a shot. It looks promising. Startup Week Vancouver runs from November 14 to 21 and is a... more

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