SpunWeb is a web hosting provider, with good customer care as a priority. We have an extensively tried, tested, and proven hosting platform, ensuring smooth performance of the product we offer. The mix of stable servers' performance and unparalleled customer care gives us a leading presence in the hosting market.
Welcome - Customer Care Mission

Every new client is contacted with a welcome phone call by one of our sales representatives, to ensure the client's confidence in choosing the right hosting provider. The representative can answer any questions.
Data center infrastructure

SpunWeb operates clustered hosting platforms between two data centers in Europe and in the USA. This is the essence of the servers' stability and its solid position among the leading hosting providers on the world wide web, today.
Hosting Solutions

Dedicated to make a revolution in the web hosting industry, we produce all of the software needed for our clustered hosting platforms in-house. Everything, starting from our servers monitoring system, to the user's hosting control panel is designed, developed and extensively stress tested by our experienced staff. This ensures the high quality of our platform and helps us to satisfy all of our client's needs.


723 Boulevard Desmarchais
Montréal, Québec, Canada H4H 1S7