StickerYou is the best custom sticker platform in the world. It’s a fun, flexible and easy-to-use online technology for people to create their own high-quality vinyl stickers. StickerYou offers the ultimate freedom for anyone looking to create stickers with our freeform die-cut sticker printing. Whether you’re using our art and brands, or uploading your own images, each sticker looks awesome! StickerYou is a Toronto-based startup that developed the Sticker Maker, a simple web-interface that allows people to order custom stickers. StickerYou has been quickly partnering and licensing large companies to bring their brands to StickerYou.


News on StickerYou

Branding on Any Budget: StickerYou Helps Other Startups Stick
Startups all have a few things in common. A budget is among them. On a budget, it can be hard to build an environment that doesn't feel like a handful of people trying to build a product from a... more
Toronto Startup Wants to Change Branding Landscape for Small Businesses
Toronto-based StickerYou believes it has developed an online platform that lets small businesses affordably brand their products and market. Even on a tight budget, young companies can compete... more
A Total of $20 Million Was Just Invested in Eight Toronto Startups
Today, more than $20 million was invested in eight Toronto startups. About $5 million of that is coming from The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, which is vying to boost... more
Toronto's StickerYou is now offering free stickers to anyone
Toronto startup StickerYou, celebrating its success thus far, is running a promotion wherein anyone can get a free page of custom stickers ($4 shipping must still be paid). The deal is running... more
Sprout Up Toronto is tomorrow night with #hashable
Toronto's favorite startup event series is back tomorrow night. Sprouter's Sprout Up Toronto is on Wednesday, April 20th at The Courthouse and as usual Sprout Up is made up of three components:... more
StickerYou wants to decorate your laptop
Stickers are popular.  Especially with those who live in the coffee shops tapping away at their laptops.  Some are writing code.  Other are blogging away.  The one thing most of... more

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