Stoneway Creative

Stoneway Creative

Admittedly, it's not the most creative name on planet Earth, but it's reminiscent of where we came from — the basement of a house on a street of the same name back in '99. Most companies start at the bottom and evidently, we were no exception.

Before long, we outgrew the small, unfinished basement studio with the pink fiberglass insulation walls. It wasn't just the décor; it was the combination of a crying newborn, a noisy furnace and the simple lack of daylight. So we packed up our G4s and Jerkers (pronounced 'yerker' as IKEA staff were quick to point out) and headed for the business parks. After nearly three years on Concourse Gate in Nepean, we've just recently moved on to bigger and better things on Terence Matthews Crescent in Kanata.

The company was founded and is currently owned by Dan Rogall. He is the acting Creative Director and has nearly 25 years experience in graphic design. He is also an avid shutterbug with the latest and greatest in digital gadgetry — something our clients benefit from.

We're all detail-oriented, self-motivated, self-managed and highly creative graphic designers. We're a laid-back team of human beings and enjoy a good laugh or practical joke. It's for that reason that we continue to gain clients and retain them. It's part of being creative.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada