In a social network, producing content should be an active process and assembling an audience should be effortless. Instead of passively monitoring your behavior and relaying it to people you say you trust, Streem lets you actively share what you choose to and presents it to anyone who's interested. More eyeballs, less paranoia.

Streem pulls the blogger down from the stage and into the crowd. When you flatten the relationship between posts and comments, commenters become publishers in their own right, content becomes less lonely, and the air gets friendlier. Blogging ought to be a conversation instead of a monologue.

We're not so different: when everyone's posts are made of the same molecules, they can merge and separate in useful and exciting ways. Collective streems create an active, dynamic conversation space for your circle of friends and for the entire universe of users. Tags apply across the whole site, producing rich feeds of topic-specific content.

Existing social networks and blogging tools are awfully clumsy and inelegant, but we put up with them anyway. We shouldn't. Streem is as simple as possible and no simpler.

Design isn't everything, but it's pretty close. Streem's interface scales surprisingly well: it feels pretty good on a large display, and really good on an iPhone.


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada