Sulon Technologies

Sulon Technologies

Sulon Technologies is elevating entertainment with the Cortex, the first fully immersive spatial virtual reality platform. This wireless, wear-and-play device transforms any physical space into a dynamic holodeck-like augmented environment, allowing users to step into worlds adapted to their surroundings.


Job Opportunities at Sulon Technologies

Windows Application Engineer
We are seeking an innovative Windows Applications Engineer to work in our multidisciplinary, cross functional software development team to research, design, develop and test innovative Windows... more
Software Engineering Manager
We are seeking an innovative Software Engineering Manager to be the head of our OS team to create an environment and team that delivers outstanding consumer facing software solutions in a rapidly... more
Software Architect
We are seeking an innovative Software Architect to lead the Software Design and Architecture of our complex consumer facing product.  You will be responsible for the oversight of quality... more
Senior Software Engineer - Graphics
We are seeking a diligent Senior Graphics Software Engineer to focus on Virtual Reality (VR) graphics level programming as well as optimization, shaders, and rendering. This position will offer you... more
Senior Software Engineer - Embedded
We are seeking an excellent Senior Embedded Software Engineer to join our team. You will take the lead on all high level embedded software design, development and optimization on multi-core... more
Senior Software Engineer - SDK
We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer to lead, own and manage our Software Development Kit for the development community.  This position requires exceptional critical thinking and... more
VP Product Development and Manufacturing
We are seeking a Vice President of Product Development and Manufacturing to oversee the planning, implementation, and direction of all manufacturing activities. This position requires a proven... more
Computer Vision Engineer
We are looking for an innovative Computer Vision Engineer who is both curious and courageous to experiment with new ideas, and create effective solutions.  This is your chance to play with the... more
Senior Computer Vision Engineer
We are seeking a Senior Computer Vision Engineer to lead and conduct advanced research, and develop next generation AR technology using software tools such as Metaio and Vuforia. This position... more
Hardware Systems Engineer
Sulon Technologies is redefining reality by changing the way we interact with our environment.  We are creating advanced technology that combines Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into a... more
Senior UX Designer
We are seeking a Senior User Experience Designer with strong interest and proficiencies in design and development of user experiences.  This position requires a strong understanding of the... more
Engineering Manager
We are seeking an Engineering Manager to deliver consumer facing, cutting edge solutions that will revolutionize consumer electronics industry.  As a leader for the product... more
Office Administrator
We are seeking an Office Administrator/Accountant that will be responsible for the execution of a wide range of personal and business-related administrative and accounting tasks to help support the... more
Lead Programmer - SDK
We are seeking a SDK- Lead Programmer to spearhead our growing Content Team giving the technical direction and game development expertise needed to create mind-blowing AVR experiences.  You... more
Technical Marketing Analyst
We are looking for a passionate Marketing Analyst that can help Sulon execute its vision. We need a champion who is not afraid of big tasks for big rewards and who is prepared to learn on the fly,... more
Marketing and PR Coordinator
We are looking for a passionate Marketing Coordinator that can implement all marketing activities and market analysis for Sulon Technologies. We need a champion who is not afraid of big tasks for... more
We are seeking Programmers to join our growing Content Team and create mind-blowing AVR experiences.  You will contribute to the development of exciting, emotionally-heightened and highly... more
Developer Relations Manager
We are looking for an energetic Developer Relations Manager to generate new business opportunities across various industries and to establish trusting relationships with content developers. You... more
Product Marketing Manager
We are looking for a proven and passionate Product Marketing Manager to support Sulon’s marketing team and promoting The Cortex and drive brand awareness.  We need a champion who is not... more
Senior Financial Analyst
Location          â&#x... more

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Markham, Ontario, Canada