Swappz Interactive

Swappz Interactive

Swappz Interactive is a digital gaming studio developing groundbreaking mobile games using innovative technologies.

Swappz Interactive creates immersive mobile experiences with or without the use of real world products.Swappz Interactive’s signature games launching in September 2013, bridge the gap between traditional toy play and mobile gaming. Kids can transport their popular Swappz collectible characters into amazing mobile games without needing anything other than a smartphone or tablet.

Founded in September 2012, Swappz Interactive is set to become a leader in developing interactive toy platforms. The company has also set its ambitions on pursuing high-level partnerships and creating games that push the boundaries of innovation in the mobile world.

Swappz Interactive currently has five projects in development, all focused on the combination of toys and mobile games. The company has signed three major licensing deals; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and Smurfs, as well as two co-production projects with Excell Marketing for The Trash Pack and Zombie Pets.

Mobile, Gaming, Startup

400 - 489 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada