Sxip Identity

Sxip Identity

Sxip Identity is the market leader for Identity 2.0, an internet-scale approach to identity and access management that is simple, secure, and open. Sxip provides on-demand identity management solutions for the enterprise and user-centric solutions that securely automate the exchange of identity data online for individuals.


News on Sxip Identity

Moving to Microsoft is Big for Hardt
BIV's Curt Cherewayko wrote this week about Canadians Moving to Microsoft and not surprisingly sound of the best quotes come from entrepreneur Dick Hardt of ActiveState and Sxip Identity fame.... more
Dick Hardt joins Microsoft
Vancouver's Dick Hardt has announced on his Identity 2.0 blog that he is joining Microsoft as a Partner Architect tasked with working on consumer, enterprise and government identity problems.... more
Sxipping Out On Investors?
In this week's Business in Vancouver, Curt Cherewayko reports that tech entrepreneur Dick Hardt has been named as a defendant in a statement of claim that alleges he made misrepresentations during... more
Sxip Access gets Pinged
Denver-based Internet single sign-on company Ping Identity announced today that they've acquired Sxip Access, a Sxip Identity business unit with a product for on-demand identity management.... more
Sxipper simplifies web browsing at Launch Party
Sxip, one of Vancouver's recent tech success stories, demoed their new version of Sxipper (pronounced "skipper"), a free Firefox plugin makes logging into a website as simple as a single click at... more

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