With the objective of improving learning through technology, Symtext's Liquid Textbook platform is designed to benefit publishers, educators and students alike. Our platform was built with the input of educational institutions such as Queen's School of Business and Athabasca University, through extensive interviews and research with publishers (both commercial and academic), and through a pilot program with students. Its unique approach to content assembly and delivery has led recently to approvals at Oxford University Press Canada, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Athabasca University, and Queen's School of Business. Founded by Ian Barker in 2004, Symtext has offices in Toronto and Montreal.

Symtext is backed by Flow Ventures, a tech startup accelerator that provides seed capital and hands-on operational support to early-stage ventures. Symtext's Board of Directors includes senior executives from the education, digital media and finance industries.

Symtext is also supported by a small cloud of extraordinarily bright and dedicated people. Thanks to each and every one of you for everything you have done to get us to this point!


News on Symtext

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Symtext aims to disrupt the $10 Billion textbook industry.
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