Synbiota’s Rapid DNA Prototyping™ technology enables anyone to design, build, & grow GMOs in a kitchen, classroom, or lab in just a few hours using standardized DNA parts that fit together like LEGO.


News on Synbiota

Canada’s 20 Most Innovative Technology Companies
Today, the Canadian Innovation Exchange announced the 2015 roster of 20 innovative technology companies that have been inducted into the annual CIX Top 20 program. Companies are chosen by a... more
Canadian Startup Wins 2014 SXSW Accelerator Award for Innovative World Technologies
    Québec-based startup Synbiota today received 2014 SXSW Accelerator award in the Innovative World Technologies category. Synbiota is a virtual collaboration site that... more
Six Canadian Startups are Finalists in SXSW Accelerator Competition
Six startups representing Canada have have SXSW's list of 48 finalists for its Accelerator Competition, which this week was whittled down from 500. Canada made a strong showing in the Wearable... more

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