Sysomos was founded in 2007 to solve the challenge of continuous social media monitoring as well as its correlation with traditional media. With the volume of user generated content increasing at unprecedented speeds, the ability to search, clean and distill the information in user generated content is a challenge. Sysomos offers the first solution capable to scalably deliver results in real time over multi-terabytes of information. Moreover Sysomos offers powerful data analytics capabilities and unique ways to correlate user generated and traditional media coverage.

Led by a team of experts in data management, text analytics, data mining, natural language and web technologies, Sysomos developed a break-through solution to transform user generated content into actionable information. Our core engine collects, cleans and makes available for analysis user generated and traditional content the moment it becomes available.

Our customers have full access to a vast array of sophisticated real time analysis techniques to gain powerful media insights.

Sysomos is a privately held company working with customers in the marketing, advertising, public relations, brand management and development industries. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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