Tabrio Communications, Inc. is a team of digital media professionals whose passion is connecting everyone with the people they care about.

It's an exciting goal, and we've got great help. Since 2002, our parent company, Verb Exchange, Inc., has provided global long distance services to the world's largest telecommunication companies. Using our own world-class VoIP network, Verb Exchange delivers over 30 million minutes in calling every month.

In 2006, we had an idea. What if we made it possible for everyone to use this network to make super affordable, crystal clear long distance calls and send global text messages at extremely low rates? What if it worked on any phone—mobile or landline—and any computer or PDA, from anywhere on the planet?

The result is Tabrio. In 2007, we released our first Tabrio beta (it was called CoPilot Console then), and told our friends and family to check it out. What happened next was nothing short of amazing. In just 12 weeks, over 24,000 people from almost every country in the world signed up and starting calling.

They told us they were tired of paying too much for long distance, or sacrificing high quality for low rates. They wanted the freedom to make cheap calls, to send and reply to text messages, without being tied to their computer or forced to buy new equipment.

In short, they wanted a better way to connect with the people they care about—and we listened.

Today, Tabrio is more than cheap long distance and two-way global text messaging. Tabrio is a complete communications platform for managing your world—and we're not done yet. We’re proud to offer Tabrio in both desktop and web applications, and with a mobile web version, plus exciting new features like web search and instant messaging coming soon, we're always looking for new ways to make your communication more convenient, reliable and fun.

We're sure you'll love using Tabrio as much as we love creating it. And if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and join the thousands of people around the world who've chosen Tabrio as a better way to stay in touch.


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