Terazen Technology develops Taglocity™, an Enterprise Web 2.0 inspired email productivity and knowledge discovery solution. Taglocity solves problems inherent in today’s enterprise email systems such as email overload, attention deficit, collaboration breakdown, ineffective searching, and wasted knowledge.

Our unobtrusive technology works alongside existing email systems to boost workforce productivity by reducing the amount of unnecessary email people get CC'd while giving them access to more email on-demand.

Our customers capitalize on previously ignored corporate intellectual assets - knowledge locked up emails - by revealing it to those who need it when they need it.

We call it “The R/evolution of email” – email systems must evolve from a ‘closed channel’ system (one sender to few recipients) to a hybrid solution featuring an ‘open collaborative platform’ for publishing and sharing non-private information; from ‘push’ only to ‘push’ and ‘pull’ thereby giving people more control over their own attention.


News on Taglocity

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