Tangam Systems

Tangam Systems

Tangam is a small and rapidly growing company, with triple digit annual sales growth, that is at the cutting edge of developing data analytics and visualization software. Our flagship product Table Games Yield Management (TYM) helps casinos optimize their table games operations in order to increase profitability and enhance the player experience. Our software takes the complexity out of data analytics and makes data understandable and actionable to ordinary users. Many large, medium and small casinos in the U.S., Canada, and Australia already use TYM successfully to enhance their business and better satisfy their patrons. Our patented products have won numerous industry awards and recognitions. We continue to push the envelope on what is possible in the area of data analytics software, and we are always seeking new talent to join us on our exciting journey.

Web Design & Development, Hosting, Gaming

Job Opportunities at Tangam Systems

Software Developer - Junior/Intermediate
What we’re hoping you will achieve … (circa 2014) one year from now.. Your potential story, one year from now… We’d like to thank you for your contributions to our software products that helped the... more

N2J3H8 - 279 Weber Street North
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada