Tatango offers an easy-to-use platform that allows any group to stay connected through text messaging.

As an all in one solution, Tatango allows any group to collect, manage and mobile message all of their group members both from a computer and mobile phone. Tatango was born from the promise of giving groups the ability to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Tatango is permission-based, spam-free and cost-free to consumers.

The Tatango service doesn’t require any special phone or its users to download any software to use the service. The service is ad supported, Tatango places 30 character text ads at the bottom of group messages, costing you no more than a standard text message to receive a group alert.

Tatango is the redesign of networkText, a website that grew to over 400,000 users and 18 million text messages sent following their launch in October of 2007.


News on Tatango

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