Tattoo Hero

Tattoo Hero

Tattoo Hero is the premier software that makes the business of tattooing easy. Get Inspired. Get Inked.


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The Busiest Startup Conference in the World as Seen Through Entrepreneurs
Countless outlets have billed the Web Summit as “Davos for Geeks”—a gathering of the brightest movers and shakers in technology. It doesn’t feel like Davos though. There... more
Ink Less Reliant on Paper as Software Starts to Eat Tattoo Industry
Every profile I’ve written comes back to a central theme: software eating the world in its own unique way. FounderFuel graduate Tattoo Hero fits that theme perfectly. The tattoo industry is... more
FounderFuel Heads to San Francisco with Canadian Startups in Tow
Montreal's FounderFuel is joining London's Seedcamp and Sydney's Startmate to bring 15 international (including Canadian) startups to San Francisco. FounderFuel, Seedcamp, and Startmate... more

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