Techbent is a recruiting company that helps small and medium-sized businesses to grow aggressively. We assist emerging companies, including many software leaders, in the core areas of:

Recruitment - growth planning and talent recruitment
Employee Recognition – programs designed to showcase your team’s initiatives
Morale Coaching - management mentoring by veterans of start-up and scale up

As specialists in the start-up and scale-up phases of emerging market leaders, we are proven problem-solvers and thrive on the challenge of making great impact despite short-timelines. We cherish market competition and resist convention.

Techbent’s revenue model is such that our rates are tuned to our market and operate with a small core team while keeping our own operating costs in check.

A few of our customers use us for short-term help during a milestone of growth. Most though, rely on us as an ongoing ally in their operations. We act as the recruiting members of the team… just not under the same roof.


Calgary, AB, Canada
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