TechnoBrands Incorporated

TechnoBrands Incorporated

Your expertise is understanding your customers and their needs. You’ve developed a great product, and you need to get it into the hands of as many customers as possible. Whether your company has a product management team or not, TechnoBrands will enhance your ability to make better product management and marketing decisions, through highly effective training, products and consultation.

TechnoBrands provides a suite of product management expertise solutions that you can leverage, allowing you to maximize profitability, productivity and give you a competitive advantage. We specialize in a wide range of product areas, including: wired and wireless telecoms; public safety communication, enterprise software, offshore manufacture; and consumer electronics.

Explore our services and products and discover how TechnoBrands can provide the right product management solution for your business.

Strategic Product Management and Product Marketing, Project Management

IT Consulting, Wireless, Telecommunications, Mobile, Startup

Suite 501 - 3292 Production Way
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada