Technology Incentives Inc.

Technology Incentives Inc.

Only a SR&ED Consultant has time to keep up to date with CRA's changes and SR&ED's internal policies, and to understand how they will affect you. SR&ED calculations are complex. Knowing what to include and how to justify it requires specialized knowledge. Do you have time to keep up to date?

We assemble all the information CRA requires and present it in the format that my former CRA colleagues expect. Over 110 of technology start-ups have benefitted from our advice and experience.

You'll understand how to prepare successful SR&ED claims. You'll receive your SR&ED cheques quickly, likely 3-4 months after you submit T2 corporate income tax returns containing SR&ED financial and technical data. We'll collaborate to prepare supporting documentation if CRA asks us to justify the portions of time employees and contractors spent on each SR&ED Project. CRA's reviewers want to understadn "What Technical Obstacles did you overcome?" and "What did you learn that your competitors don't understand?"

SR&ED ought to be an annuity! You too can confidently build SR&ED into your cash flow planning by using templates as the foundation of an internal time-tracking system. We help optimize your SR&ED process so you'll know how much money to expect from SR&ED every year in advance!

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