Telus Corp.

Telus Corp.

Technology is a key enabler for TELUS and our customers, providing advantage and differentiation in the marketplace. By managing the life cycle of current technologies and the timely introduction of new technologies we deliver superior service value to our customers and long-term growth oriented investment performance to our shareholders.

For investors, TELUS is succeeding in managing technology and capital investment to deliver revenue growth, national brand recognition and cost effective network operation. For customers TELUS is leveraging the benefits of leading edge technology to deliver superior service solutions, ease of use and best value. For our employees TELUS provides industry leading career opportunities in the latest technologies.

At TELUS change is continuous and technology plays a critical role in enabling that change, particularly to support our National growth. The change and our growth is driven by TELUS' strategic intent, which is supported by the following key technology thrusts:

IP Everywhere for common user experience
Broadband Access to homes, businesses, and people on the move
Optical Networking for cost effectiveness
New Revenue Opportunities from information management, application services, multimedia, and integrated services

In addition TELUS supports research and development enabling technology leadership for the future.

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When It Comes to Internet of Things, Canadians Face Digital Divide
There’s an even split between Canadian businesses when it comes to their plans for Internet of Things technology, which means half of Canadian businesses could soon have a competitive... more
Canadians Craving Smarter Homes as Trend Gathers Momentum
Connected smart home devices are well on their way to becoming as prevalent as smartphones and tablets, according to a new study conducted by MARU/VCR&C. The study, commissioned by Telus,... more
TO Tech Summit Tackles Intersection of Design and Technology
With a diversity of backgrounds and specialities presenting, the TO Tech Summit took place at the MaRS discovery district in downtown Toronto. The focus this year was on the intersection of design... more
TELUS Investing $4.5 Billion in Alberta Through 2019
TELUS announced today that they intend to invest $4.5 billion in new communications infrastructure across Alberta through 2019. This year alone, TELUS will invest more than $900 million in the... more
Five Creative Ways to Fund Your Business Without Venture Capital
Virtually all successful startups have taken venture capital and the majority of startups who strictly bootstrap either fail or never make it big. But an equally big mistake is seeking outside... more
The Big Four? Following Shaw Deal, Wind Looks to Follow in Steps of Rogers, Telus, Bell
For a brief time, Canada had a fourth wireless carrier that, while flawed, was truly independent of the Big Three. Now that Shaw owns Wind, it seems that the once-scrappy defender of consumers... more
Which Canadian Wireless Carrier Truly Has the Best Network?
Which mobile carrier delivers Canadians the best overall performance? RootMetrics decided to find out. "Your mobile is a fundamental part of your daily life and is likely with you just about... more
Apple, Telus Among Best Places to Work in Canada
Glassdoor has announced the winners of its 8th annual Employees’ Choice Awards. For the first time, the awards include the Best Places to Work in Canada. Winners are determined based on... more
Suretap, EnStream Take 'Major' Step Forward in Mobile Ticketing
­Suretap and EnStream have successfully completed a proof-of-concept that would enable transit users to pay their fares with a smartphone. Suretap, an open mobile wallet company, and... more
ThinkFull, an App to Help You Manage Stress
ThinkFull is a mindfulness app that wants to help users take control of their stress. By leveraging the accessibility and capabilities of a smartphone, the app provides personalized mental... more
Huawei, TELUS to Create '5G Living Lab' in Vancouver
Huawei wants to establish a "5G Living lab" in downtown Vancouver. The telecommunications company announced a memorandum of understanding Telus. The project will test approaches to deliver a... more
Siyata Launches All-In-One Connected Vehicle Smartphone for Commercial Fleets
Siyata Mobile has launched Voyager, an all-in-one connected vehicle smartphone for commercial fleets, in Canada. Now available from Siyata and through authorized Telus dealers, the device runs... more
Canadians Struggling to Stay Safe Online as Technology Advances
More than half of Canadians believe keeping up with technology is impossible these days and two-thirds worry about the safety of their information online. This is according to the 2015 Norton... more
VoIP for Small Business: Three Common Myths Debunked
Thinking about using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your business but hesitating?Hopefully it's not because you're afraid of quality, security, cost, or complexity—these are mere... more
7 Must Have Apps for Small Businesses
There is a lot of technology out there, with new solutions becoming available every day. We know it can be hard for Canadian small businesses to keep up. Researching the latest tech trends can... more
Telus Bringing Fibre Optic Network to Most Vancouverites Through Billion-Dollar Commitment
Telus announced this week that it is investing $1 billion to connect the majority of homes and businesses in the City of Vancouver directly to its art fibre optic network over the next five years.... more
Uber for Swim Instructors wins $100,000 from TELUS
TELUS and The Globe and Mail today announced the winner of the fifth installment of the Small Business Challenge – the annual contest that celebrates Canadian entrepreneurs and helps one... more
TELUS Announces Leadership Changes with Darren Entwistle Returning as CEO
Telus annouced this morning that effective today, Joe Natale is stepping down as President and Chief Executive Officer of TELUS and Darren Entwistle will resume serving as the Company’s... more
Telus Internet of Things Marketplace Doubles in Size
Telus has added more than 30 new solutions to its Internet of Things Marketplace since its December 2014 launch, the company said this week. From smart restaurants to intelligent stores to... more
Telus, Bell Take Top Spot from Rogers Among Top-Performing Wireless Carriers in Vancouver
According to latest networking testing results, Telus and Bell are on top for overall performance in the Vancouver metro area, says RootMetrics. The two carriers jumped ahead of Rogers, which won... more
Five Canadian Small Businesses Compete for $100,000 Prize
Now in its fifth year, the Small Business Challenge is the annual contest, conducted in partnership with The Globe and Mail, that showcases Canada’s brightest entrepreneurs and helps the... more
Rogers Acquires Mobilicity: Report
Mobilicity has accepted an acquisition offer from Rogers. Mobilicity will next to seek court approval of the transaction, according to anonymous sources cited in The Globe and Mail. The startup... more
Wireless Prices Increasing at Three Times the Rate of Inflation in Canada
A government report released recently confirms that Canadians are still paying among the highest prices in the industrialized world for telecom service. The 2015 Wall Report, commissioned by the... more
Wind Mobile Signs Exclusive Deal, Brings Cellular Service to Toronto's Underground Subway
Wind Mobile is bringing cellular service to customers using Toronto's underground subway through an exclusive deal with, BAI Canada, which is contracted by the Toronto Transit Commission to... more
Telus Unveils Free Wifi Across BC, Alberta
Telus is making free public wifi available at more than 8,000 hotspots across BC and Alberta. Telus is working with thousands of businesses, including brands like 7-Eleven and Fountain... more
Five Tech Tips for Small Businesses
With so much technology out there, and new solutions becoming available every day, it can be hard for Canadian small businesses to keep up. Researching the latest tech trends can be a full-time... more
Telus Launches New Campaign, Urging Customers to 'Expect More' from Telcos
Canadians have a longstanding love-hate relationship with their telcos. If customers consistently receive sub-par service, they’ll eventually become resigned to expecting less. TELUS is... more
TELUS to Offer Free Wi-Fi in Yellow Cab's Vancouver Fleet
TELUS and Yellow Cab have launched an initiative that will connect every taxi in Yellow Cab’s Vancouver fleet and provide users with free Wi-Fi. This unique program will be the first time... more
Free Wifi Coming to 43 Locations in Vancouver This Year
Free wifi is coming to Vancouver's community centres and civic facilities. More than 43 locations will get free wifi, according to the city, which signed a contract with Vancouver-based... more
Telus Will Invest $4 Billion Across British Columbia Through 2018
Telus says it intends to invest $4 billion in new infrastructure and facilities across its home province of British Columbia through 2018, including $1 billion this year alone. When combined... more
Six Timeless Nuggets of Wisdom from Canadian Business Leaders
Canadian business leaders love sharing their formulas for success with others. And because every successful entrepreneur got to where they are today a different way, each one has a different... more
Five Valuable Tips on Launching a Business from a Successful Canadian Entrepreneur and Investor
Rajen Ruparell, the Calgary-born entrepreneur best known for founding Citydeal in Europe, which was later bought by Groupon, is already finding much success in his latest investment, Endy. The... more
How to Streamline Your Accounting and Invoicing with Modern Software Solutions
TELUS is a proud supporter of entrepreneurs. We’ve partnered with Techvibes on a series for business success. We’re also inviting business leaders to share their personal tips with... more
CRTC Dismisses Complaint from Telus, Bell About Exclusivity of Rogers' GamePlus App
Today the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission dismissed a complaint from Telus and Bell which stated that Rogers Media was granting undue preference to its subscribers by... more
Could Netflix Spur Telus to Charge Canadians More for Their Internet?
We’ve written stories on how Netflix is disrupting Hollywood, but now it seems the ubiquitous streaming service is causing headaches for Internet providers. Telecommunications giant Telus,... more
Telus Rebrands Public Mobile, Changes All Plans, Only Rips Customers off a Little
The influence of Telus over Public Mobile—a startup wireless carrier born from a 2008 spectrum auction it acquired last year—is now in full swing. The telecommunications giant isn't... more
Mojio Announces International Coverage with AT&T
Vancouver's Mojio announced today it can now connect most any car to its open platform of apps for drivers worldwide thanks to a global carrier agreement with AT&T. Mojio entered into an... more
Six Technology Trends That Will Have the Greatest Impact on Canada in 2015
A recent series of IDC reports, commissioned by Telus, predicts that 2015 will be a transformative year for technology in Canada, as businesses increasingly embrace cloud, mobile, analytic and... more
In 'Scummy' Move, Shaw Makes Internet More Expensive, Much Slower
What a way to ring in the new year. Shaw will start 2015 off by slapping consumers in the face: the company plans to raise home internet prices by 10% in January, while slashing already mediocre... more
Telus Launches Canada’s First Internet of Things Marketplace
Canadian businesses have been slow to embrace Internet of Things (IoT) technology and Telus wants to change that. Telus has launched an IoT Marketplace, an online space offering turnkey... more
Wind Mobile Increases Coverage in BC by 40%
This week WIND Mobile announced that all customers will have access to better service while traveling outside of the WIND Unlimited zone within Canada. By adding an additional domestic partner... more
Streaming Heats Up: Bell Launches CraveTV, Latest Competitor to Netflix and Shomi
Kevin Crull of Bell Media this week introduced Canada to CraveTV, the company’s new subscription on-demand video streaming service. Slated to launch December 11, the streaming product "is... more
As National Safe Driving Week Arrives, Canadians Still Shown to Have Dangerous Texting Habits
December 1 marks the beginning of National Safe Driving Week. Unfortunately, distracted driving continues to be a major issue affecting safety on Canadian roads. The Ontario Provincial Police... more
Wind Mobile: Roaming Rates for Canadians are Unreasonable and That Needs to Change
Discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile is asking regulators to impact the notoriously high roaming rates Canadians have been paying for years. Wind, which is vying to be Canada's fourth national... more
TELUS and Mojio to Deliver 'Connected Car' Technology to Canadians
By 2022, there will be 1.8 billion automotive connections globally, which will consist of 700 million connected cars and 1.1 billion aftermarket devices. This market will be worth $422 billion... more
Telus Receives 100,000 Requests for Customer Data from Government and Law in 2013
Telus has revealed that in 2013 alone it received more than 100,000 requests for customer data from the government and law enforcement agencies. The Canadian telco's voluntary report, released... more
Netflix Slowest on Telus in Canada, Fastest on Bell; Rogers Greatly Boosts Speed
Watching Netflix might be a different experience depending on which service provider supplies your internet connection. Telus ranked behind Bell, Rogers, and Shaw for Netflix speeds, according... more
TELUS Health Acquires Electronic Prescription Technology
TELUS Health is adding important new functionality to its existing health technology portfolio through its acquisition of an interest in the underlying technology of the ZRx Prescriber from... more
TransLink and Telus Add Free Wifi to Vancouver Buses
TransLink is adding wifi to buses in Vancouver. Three buses—8125, 9258, and 9266—will be equipped with free wifi thanks to an advertising agreement with Telus. There will be no wifi... more
TELUS Offers Up $10,000 Cash Prize for 1st Place in GROW Hackathon
TELUS has just made the upcoming GROW Hackathon competition in Whistler a whole lot more interesting by sponsoring a $10,000 cash prize to the top team. TELUS is investing in the growth of the... more
Canada’s Next Wireless Spectrum Auction will Favour New Players
Industry Minister James Moore announced today that the Canadian government will auction additional wireless spectrum next year to smaller carriers including Quebecor in a bid to fuel competition... more
Keep It in Your Pants: The Smartphone 'Pantifesto' Tackles Smartphone Etiquette in Canada
July is Cellphone Courtesy Month, a time when "we can all benefit from a little decorum when it comes to our seemingly worsening smartphone habits," according to Telus, who has introduced "The... more
Caring About the Future of Canadian Tech Means Teaching Young Girls, Not Just Women, to Code
 Sponsored by Technology today is a wildly disruptive sector where employment is strong even in uncertain economies and small companies are pushing societies forward—and some are even... more
Telus Gives Customer Surprise of Her Life with Coffee, Flowers, and an Airplane
Telus recently surprised a longstanding customer in a myriad of big ways. Visting the Guelph home of Ramona, who has been a customer of Telus for two decades, the telecommunications company took... more
Canada's 25 Best Brands
Interbrand has released its ranking of the best 25 brands in Canada. Its system determines "the contribution of the brand to business results." In first place was TD Canada, followed by RBC and... more
Telus Gives up Trying to Acquire Mobilicty
After multiple efforts stretching well over a year, Telus has finally given up hope of taking over startup discount wireless carrier Mobilicity. According to The Globe and Mail, Telus this week... more
Koodo Ranked as Canada's Favourite Wireless Carrier Third Year in a Row
Koodo Mobile ranks highest in customer satisfaction for a third consecutive year in J.D. Power's annual report. Improving slightly in score over 2013, Koodo Mobile performs particularly... more
Bell Has Fastest Netflix Streaming Speeds in Canada, Rogers the Slowest
According to newly released April data on the Netflix ISP Speed Index,which ranks which internet service providers in Canada provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience, there's a huge... more
Government Threatens to Exclude Telus from Next Wireless Auction
The federal government is threatening to block Telus from a future auction of cellular frequencies if the Vancouver-based telecommunications giant doesn't stop attempting to acquire wireless... more
Telus to Launch Fleet of Taxis with Free Mobile Device Charging for Canadians
Telus is unveiling the first-ever fleet of taxis in Canada featuring cell phone and tablet chargers. Rolling out over the coming months in 1,000 cabs across Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and... more
Darren Entwistle Stepping Down as CEO of Telus
The chief executive of Telus is stepping down from his role. Darren Entwistle, who has been CEO of the Vancouver-based telco since 2000, will become the company’s executive chair on May 8,... more
Telus Acquires Enode to Bolster Security Solution Team
Telus has acquired Quebec City-based security IT firm Enode. Telus says the acquisition will enhance its security solution’s end-to-end provision of IT security for businesses in Quebec... more
Canada's Wireless Carrier Nightmare Continues: Telus Plans to Shut Down Public Mobile
Even a bit of artificial competition appears to be too much for one of Canada’s largest wireless carriers. Telus is now saying it plans to shut down discount brand Public Mobile, which... more
What's the First Thing Telus Does After Buying Public Mobile? Lowers Data and Raises Prices
In a move that should surprise few, Public Mobile's plan prices are due to rise following its acquisition by Telus. The Vancouver-based telecommunications company immediately removed Public's... more
Shaw, Telus, Novus: The Complete Guide to Selecting Your Internet Provider in Vancouver
    The internet provider you select for your home can be a contentious decision, with everyone keen to share their opinion with you. It is a recurring cost and used nearly every day... more
Big Three No More? Telus Withdraws from Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association to Put 'Customers First'
Telus has withdrawn from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. The Vancouver-based telecommunication company's decision to pull out from the industry's main lobby group is a... more
Telus Overtakes Bell as Second Largest Telecommunications Company in Canada
Vancouver-based Telus has overtaken Montreal-based Bell as Canada's second-largest telecommunications firm in terms of wireless subscribers. Telus now boasts just over 7.8 million wireless... more
Telus Launches 'Travel Tracker' to Monitor Roaming Data Usage in Real-time
Telus has launched a new service that allows its eight million subscribers to closely monitor data usage when roaming outside of Canada. It's the first time Canadian wireless customers of the... more
Telus Says It Has Implemented 'All Necessary Requirements' of CRTC's Wireless Code of Conduct
Telus says that by the end of November it will have implemented all necessary requirements of the CRTC’s Wireless Code of Conduct. The Code, which comes into effect on December 2,... more
Telus LTE Network Now Reaches 27 Million Canadians
Telus this week brought its 4G long-term evolution network to Orillia in Ontario and Labrador City in Newfoundland. The additions mean that Telus' LTE network now reaches more than 27 million... more
Government Approves Telus Acquiring Wireless Carrier Public Mobile
The federal government in a surprise move has approved an agreement for Telus to acquire discount wireless carrier Public Mobile. Previously, the government rejected Telus' efforts to acquire... more
Telus Launches Karaoke App for Optik TV Customers
Telus will enable customers to have karaoke nights in their living rooms with the addition of the Karaoke Channel TV app for Optik TV. Partnering with Stingray Digital, Telus says that all Optik... more
Startup Wireless Carrier Mobilicity Granted Creditor Protection
Struggling discount carrier Mobilicity has been granted creditor protection by the courts. The protection holds while the startup wireless carrier awaits a ruling from Industry Canada on an... more
Canadian Small Business Wins $100,000 Grant from Telus to Aid a Sustainable Agriculture Industry
A Calgary-based small business is taking home a $100,000 grant to contribute to a more sustainable agriculture industry by researching new manure treatment technologies in support of its work of... more
Hot on Heels of Bell, Telus Significantly Lowers Roaming Rates
Earlier this month major Canadian telecommunications company Bell lowered the prices of its roaming packages by 50%. Now Telus is doing the same, significantly slashing the prices of its US... more
Montreal's Metro System to Get 4G LTE Network in Underground Subway
The Société de transport de Montréal revealed today that it has leveraged Bell, Rogers, Telus and Vidéotron to bring 3G, 4G, and LTE service to Montreal's underground... more
Canadian Entrepreneurs to Government: Bring Competition to Canada's Wireless Market
A group of three dozen Canadian entrepreneurs and innovators recently sent a letter to Industry Minister James Moore. The letter calls for "genuine choice and affordability" in what Vancouver's... more
Shares in Canada's Big Three Surge as Verizon Backs Off
Shares in Canada's big three telecom companies surged today on news that Verizon said it's no longer (and never really was) interested in entering Canada's wireless market. Stock in Rogers soared... more
Verizon Not Coming to Canada and Says Story was Way Overblown
According to a Bloomberg report, Verizon has no interest in entering into Canada’s wireless market. “Verizon is not going to Canada,” CEO Lowell McAdam said in a telephone... more
Canadian Unions Back Their Bosses Against Verizon
While it’s no surprise that the big three wireless companies are opposed to the possibility of American giant Verizon entering the Canadian market, some of the country’s largest unions... more
A Veritable All-You-Can-Eat Buffet of Misinformation on the State of the Wireless Industry
The chief executive officer of Wind Mobile pulled no punches in a recent post on the company's blog. His opening line denounced the Big Three's anti-Verizon lobbying efforts as "a veritable... more
Government Versus Telcos: Conservative Party of Canada Launches 'Consumers First' Campaign
Earlier this month, Canada's three major wireless incumbents—Rogers, Telus, and Bell—joined forces to launch a campaign called "Fair for Canada." The campaign was intended to appeal... more
Verizon in Canada – No Guarantees for Canadians
The following guest article was submitted by Donna Ramirez of the TELUS Social and Media Relations team in response to Techvibes' continued coverage of Verizon's potential expansion into Canada.... more
Letter to the Government: It's Anti-Canadian to Let Verizon Have an Advantage Over Domestic Telcos
A 68-year-old grandmother has written a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Minister of Industry James Moore on why she finds their approach to Verizon's potential entry into Canada's... more
Canadian Government Says It Won't Change Wireless Policies, Wants Foreign Competition
The Canadian government made it clear this weekend that it's more interested in promoting competition in our nation's wireless sector than protecting Rogers, Telus, and Bell. Prime Minister... more
A Dose of Buckley Takes Down Big Three's 'Fair for Canada' Campaign in Hilarious Video
YouTube comedian A Dose of Buckley published a video over the weekend addressing Verizon's potential entry into Canada's wireless market. The video (which may be NSFW due to cursing) is... more
Telus Launches 'Canada Play Fair' Campaign
Following the "Fair for Canada" campaign jointly launched by Rogers, Telus, and Bell, Vancouver-based Telus has launched a similar but separate campaign called "Canada Play Fair." Canada Play... more
'Four 4 Canada' Initiative Launches to Counter 'Fair for Canada' Campaign by Rogers, Telus, Bell
Yesterday we reported on a new campaign called "Fair for Canada" that was jointly launched by our nation's three major telcos: Rogers, Telus, and Bell. The campaign is aimed at getting Canadian... more
Telus and Bell Make More Than Twice as Much Money per Wireless Customer Than Wind Mobile
Several Canadian telcos today reported their second-quarter results today. Startup carrier Wind Mobile gained just under 19,000 subscribers, bringing its total customer base to 620,000—up... more
Rogers, Telus, and Bell Team up to Launch Anti-Verizon 'Fair for Canada' Campaign
Rogers, Telus, and Bell have teamed up to lobby against US telecommunications giant Verizon acquiring Canadian startup carrier Wind Mobile. The "Big Three" incumbents want to have the... more
Verizon Communications Getting Closer to Acquiring Wind Mobile, Report Suggests
New reports suggest that Verizon Communications is inching closer to acquiring Canadian startup carrier Wind Mobile. According to sources cited in the Financial Post, Verizon plans to hold a... more
Android Users Can Now Channel Surf with Telus' New Optik TV Remote App
This week, the Optik Smart Remote app developed by Telus became available for Android devices. Searching for quality television can often be an ordeal. You often leap from one channel to the... more
Canadian Telcos Raising Their Wireless Prices to Spite CRTC's New Consumer-friendly Rules
Canadian consumers rejoiced in June when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission unveiled a new wireless code that brings cellphone contract lengths down from three years to... more
Telus Warns of Surge in Phone Scam Activity Affecting Canadians
Vancouver-based telecommunications giant Telus is warning Canadians about a sudden surge in a common phone scam. Telus says wireless and landline customers are being affected by fradulent phone... more
Some Canadian Wireless Carriers Not Happy with CRTC's New Code of Conduct
Rogers, Telus, and Bell are among a group of wireless carriers in Canada that are not happy with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's new code of conduct, which was... more
Verizon Makes Offer on Wind Mobile, Sends Shares of Rogers, Telus, and Bell Tumbling
Major US wireless carrier is offering a generous $700 million for Canadian discount carrier Wind Mobile, according to sources cited in a Globe and Mail report. Reuters also supplied a report with a... more
Canadian Companies Using the Cloud are More Innovative and Outperform Their Peers: Study
This month, IDC released the second annual Enterprise Cloud Study. Focusing on large Canadian organizations’ businesses and IT leaders, the study showed that cloud technology is essential for... more
Canadian Government Stands Firmly in Favour of Competition, Terminates Telus-Mobilicity Deal
On May 16, Telus agreed to buy the wireless telecommunication provider for $380 million, pending approval from the debtholders, the court, the Competition Bureau and Industry Canada. Last week the... more
Telus to Invest $300 Million in Vancouver This Year
Telecommunications giant Telus is investing $300 million in Vancouver this year to expand coverage its LTE network, extend the reach of its Internet-based TV service, wire local homes directly to... more
Court Approves Moblicity-Telus Deal
This week the Ontario Superior Court of Justice approved Telus’ acquisition of Mobilicity. A couple weeks earlier, on May 16, Telus agreed to buy the wireless telecommunication provider for... more
Giveaway: Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Techvibes and Telus [Closed]
  This contest is now closed. And the winner is @artfulretro!   Techvibes is giving away a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone courtesy of Telus! Packed with a stunning... more
Telus and Domain7 Celebrate Communities with 'Give Where You Live' Initiative
Helping communities is what Canadians do best. And now Telus is teaming up with Domain7 and TAXI to make giving back even more rewarding. Telus costumers and supporters may log onto Give Where... more
Telus Wants to Buy Mobilicity Immediately for $380 Million
Telecommunications giant Telus has agreed to acquire discount wireless carrier Mobilicity for $380 million. The Vancouver-based Telus is pitching the deal as a way to ensure "continued service"... more
Giveaway: Win a Nexus 4 Smartphone from Techvibes and Telus [Closed]
This contest is now closed. WINNER: Sandy T from Kitchener!   Techvibes is giving away a shiny new Google Nexus 4 smartphone courtesy of Telus! With your favourite Google apps, an... more
Songza Rolls Out Branded Situations in Canada, Telus the First Canadian Brand to Use It
Telus is the first Canadian brand to partner with Songzato use branded situations, a new way to interact with listeners of this widely popular music streaming service. This content integration is... more
Telus Recruits Key Legal Executive from Wind Mobile
Telus has poached a key executive from fellow Vancouver-based telecommunications company, Wind Mobile. Andrea Wood was the chief legal officer of Wind, a discount wireless startup carrier. She... more
Giveaway: Win a BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone from Techvibes and Telus [Closed]
THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Winner: Linda Kessler Techvibes is giving away a shiny new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone courtesy of Telus! The re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented... more
Announcing the Winner of an HTC One from Telus
Our HTC One giveaway courtesy of Telus ended Tuesday. Now it's time to announce the winner! The winner of a brand new HTC One from Telus and Techvibes is… Aaron Desjardins!... more
Giveaway: Win an HTC One Android Smartphone from Techvibes and Telus [Closed]
THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Techvibes is giving away a shiny new HTC One smartphone courtesy of Telus! Packed with intuitive new features and touting a cool, full-aluminum body with dual... more
The End of Wireless Competition: All Three Startup Discount Carriers are Now for Sale
Canadians' dream of a fair and competitive wireless industry is rapidly fading. Just weeks after Wind Mobile was put on the block by its Dutch owners, telecommunications giant Telus is... more
Former BlackBerry Employees Join Competitors and Telcos, Not Startups: Study
BlackBerry was founded in the 1980s, and since then has employed tens of thousands of people in Canada. But between people quitting, getting fired, and getting laid off, there are now several... more
Telus Brings TED Talks to Optik TV
Telus announced today that TED is now available on Optik TV. The Vancouver-based telecommunications giant says a new TED app provides Optik TV customers the opportunity to experience TED’s... more
Canadian Startups Have Opportunity to Win $100,000 from Telus
Telus today announced the launch of the third annual The Challenge contest, which invites Canadian small and medium-sized business owners to present their biggest business challenge for the... more
Rogers Charges $22,000 Roaming Wireless Bill in Yet Another Bill Shock Experience in Canada
At least 90% of Canadians want roaming data fees to be capped. This would be to prevent "bill shock," which far too many Canadians are familiar with. It sucks seeing $50 or $200 tacked onto a... more
Telus Acquires MD Practice Software to Become Largest Electronic Medical Records Provider
Vancouver-based Telus is acquiring MD Practice Software, part of a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association. The terms of the deal not disclosed. Specifically, Telus Health is buying the... more
Telus Giving $25 to Squamish Nonprofit Society for Each New Customer in Region
Telus has invested $4.5 million to bring Optik TV and high speed Internet to more Squamish residences.  The Vancouver-based telco also says that, for the next six months, it will will... more
SecureKey Partners with EnStream for Broad Deployment of Online Authentication Solutions
SecureKey Technologies has completed an agreement with Toronto-based EnStream to enable SecureKey's authentication technology on smartphones in Canada. EnStream is a joint venture of Bell, Rogers,... more
Announcing the Winner of a BlackBerry Z10 from Telus
Our BlackBerry Z10 giveaway courtesy of Telus ended on Monday. Now it's time to announce the winner! The winner of a brand new BlackBerry Z10 and plush critters from Telus and Techvibes is…... more
[CLOSED] Win a BlackBerry Z10 from Techvibes and Telus
This contest is now closed. Winners will be announced shortly.   Today, BlackBerry launched the Z10 across Canada. It will run you around $140 on a three-year contract or $600 outright. Fair... more
Telus Continues Rolling out 4G LTE to Canadians
Last month Techvibes reported that Vancouver-based telecommunications giant Telus had invested nearly $4 million to bring wireless service to new areas of BC and expand its LTE network throughout... more
Cloudforce Reinforces Canada's Importance to Salesforce
Enterprise cloud computing giant Salesforce hosted Cloudforce in Vancouver this week and the city got a very, very small taste of what it's like to attend San Francisco's Dreamforce event. One... more
HTC One X+ a Capable Android Phablet That Won't Disappoint (Except on Battery Life)
The HTC One X+ is a powerful Android smartphone. But can it live up to the high standards and extensive demands of a tech-savvy teenager? In short, yes. Aside from a few flaws, the One X+ is a... more
Pre-order Your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone with Telus
Techvibes readers are well-aware that January 30 will mark the official launch of Research in Motion's new mobile platform, BB10, as well as the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10... more
Telus Invests $4.1 Million to Improve Wireless Service Across BC
Vancouver-based telecommunications giant Telus is investing nearly $4 million to bring wireless service to new areas of BC and expand its LTE network throughout the region. As part of a... more
Telus Suing Mobilicity Over Ad Campaign That Dealt 'Irreparable Harm' to Company
Last week it was revealed that Telus is slashing home internet download limits by up to 50%, which not surprisingly outraged many consumers. Now the Vancouver-based telecommunications company is... more
Telus Slashing Data Limits for Home Internet by 50%
One of the major gripes most Canadians have about home internet are the unfairly low download limits service providers impose. Telus now appears to be making the situation even worse: we've learned... more
Telus Boosts Revenue Thanks to Smartphone Data Plans
In its latest quarterly earnings report, Telus announced that it had boosted revenue 6% to $2.8 billion and earnings by 5% to $1 billion. The key to its profitable revenue growth? Mobile data. Or,... more
Only One Major Wireless Carrier Saw a Drop in Complaints This Year
Errors on cellphone bills continue to infurirate consumers, according to a recent report from the Commissioner for Complaints and Telecommunications Services. The most common complaint? The telco... more
Telus Says Goodbye to Activation Fees
Telus today announced it will no longer charge a $35 activation fee for new customers or a $25 equipment exchange fee for renewing customers who purchase a new device. Telus is the first of the... more
The 6 Best Canadian Tech Companies to Work For
The latest ranking of Canada's top 100 employers has been released. As usual a decent amount of technology companies have made the list, although there are a few notable exceptions. For... more
TELUS Expands 4G Network Across BC with $7.3 Million Investment
Through a series of press releases today TELUS announced that it has invested an additional $7.3 million to bring 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless service to Prince George, Kamloops and the... more
New Study Says Wireless Prices in Canada are About to Get Even Higher
A new study by the Convergence Consulting Group predicts that wireless prices in Canada—already among the most expensive in the world—will rise by 2014. Increased competition from Wind... more
Telus and an Army of Canadian Consumers Vehemently Oppose Bell's Push for More Vertical Integration
The $3.4 billion dollar Bell-Astral proposed merger certainly has strong opposition from the coalition that comprises of Quebecor, Cogeco, Eastlink, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, and more,... more
CRTC Gives Telus a Deadline to Prove Its Ownership Structure is Legal
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has given a deadline to Telus, requesting that the telecommunications company proves to the national regulator that its foreign... more
Telus Sees Smartphone Data Usage Leap 27% in One Quarter
Vancouver-based telecommunications giant Telus increased its revenue by 4% to $2.66 billion during the second quarter of 2012, the company reported today. Telus also grew earnings per share by... more
Wind to CRTC: We Think You Should Publicly Review Telus' Ownership Structure
Globalive Wireless, parent of discount carrier Wind Mobile, is asking the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to conduct a thorough, public review of Telus' ownership... more
Telus Investing $8 Million in Atlantic Canada, Hiring 65 Employees
Telus will invest $8.4 million in advanced technology over the next three years in Atlantic Canada, the Vancouver telco has announced. The investment builds on the $45 million the company has... more
Telus Counters Claims from Wind Mobile, Insists It's Not Violating Foreign Ownership Law
Globalive Wireless, owner of Wind Mobile, and Mason Capital Management called into question last month Telus' foreign ownership. Sector law forbids more than 33.3% of a Canadian telecommunications... more
Canadian Businesses Still Clueless About Cloud and It's Threatening Our Economic Competitiveness
Misdirected concerns around data security may be threatening Canada’s economic competitiveness. According to a Telus and IDC Canada study released today, concerns over data security and a... more
Rogers, Telus, and Bell Face $19 Billion Class Action Suit Over 'System Access Fees'
The Supreme Court of Canada decided this morning to let a $19-billion class action suit proceed against Canadian cellphone companies over their notorious "system access fee" charges. The high... more
Telus Investing $7 Million in Manitoba in 2012 Including $160K Donation to Cancer Foundation
Vancouver-based telecom giant Telus announced today it will invest more than $7 million in Manitoba this year to further expand and enhance its wireless service. This is slightly less than the... more
Telus Investing $840 Million in Quebec Over Next Three Years
Last week we reported that Vancouver-based telecom giant Telus planned to invest $650 million in Ontario over the next three years and hire nearly one thousand people there in 2012. Today, Telus... more
War Over Internet Access in Vancouver's Canada Line Heats Up Between Wind and Telus
One of Vancouver's major skytrian routes, the Canada Line, is the new battleground for a heated war between wireless incumbent Telus and discount startup carrier Wind Mobile. Wind's parent,... more
Telus Hiring 3,000 People Across Canada to Roll Out Next-Gen 4G LTE Network
Telus is hiring nearly one thousand people in Ontario throughout the year as it rolls out its next-generation wireless network to more communities. Over 3,000 people will be hired across Canada in... more
And the winner of a free HTC One S smartphone from Telus and Techvibes is...
Over the weekend, we hosted a giveaway. The prize? A shiny new HTC One S, one of the premier new Android smartphones, valued at more than $500, courtesy of Telus. After nearly 400 entries, we're... more
Win an HTC One S from Telus
UPDATE: And the winner of a free HTC One S smartphone from Telus and Techvibes is... Techvibes is giving away a shiny new HTC One S smartphone courtesy of Telus! For SMBs, the HTC One... more
CRTC Searches for Sustainable Solution to Telecommunications Needs of Disabled Canadians
The Canadan Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission continues its search for a "sustainable solution" to the telecommunications needs of Canadians with hearing and speech disabilities.... more
Canadian Consumers Crown Koodo Mobile as Country's Best Wireless Company (Again)
Telus-owned Koodo Mobile has once again been crowned by Canadian consumers as Canada's best wireless company. According to the J.D Power and Associates 2012 Canadian Wireless Total Ownership... more
Telus Versus Mason: Telco Loses Battle but Prepares for War
Telus lost a battle to a New York hedge fund this week. But instead of recoiling to lick its wounds, the Vancouver-based telecom is waging war.  Refusing to concede defeat, Telus CEO Darren... more
The Complete Guide to Selecting Your Internet Provider in Vancouver [2012 Edition]
UPDATE: We have now a 2014 edition of this guide.     Choosing your home internet provider is a big decision. It costs you money each and every month, it affects what you can do... more
Telus Gets Social, Offers Free Twitter App with Optik TV Service
Telus is giving Canadians in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec something to tweet about. The Vancouver-based telco has released a free Twitter app to go with its Optik TV service. The app is... more
Telus Launches Virtual Private Cloud Service for Canadian Businesses
Vancouver-based telecommunications giant Telus has launched AgilIT Virtual Private Cloud. AgilIT is described by Telus as "an innovative service that enables businesses to take full control of... more
Shaw Losing Customers as Telus Takes Over Western Canada
Shaw's iron grip on Western Canada's cable business is loosening. The Calgary-based telco has felt the impact of Telus' continued encroachment. Shaw says it lost nearly 10,000 cable customers in... more
RIM Launching a BlackBerry PlayBook 3G and 4G with Rogers, Telus, and Bell?
News surfaced today that may help boost the anemic sales of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM is allegedly very close to launching a version of the tablet compatible with carrier data plans. In fact,... more
Telus Leads an Army of Television Providers to Wage War Against Bell
Telus isn't too pleased with Bell's recent $3-billion acquisition of Astral Media, among other issues. And neither are a smattering of smaller cable companies across Canada. Telus is leading an... more
Telus Offering Canadian Customers Credits for Used Cellphones and Mobile Internet Keys
Telus has started a trade-in program that will give customers in-store credits in exchange for their old devices. The Vancouver telecommunications company commissioned a survey that found 61% of... more
Canadian Entrepreneurs: Share the Challenges of Your Startup to Win $100,000
Are you a Canadian entrepreneur? Want to win a $100,000 grant? Of course you do. Telus and The Globe and Mail have launched The Challenge, a second-annual contest that invites Canadian small... more
Telus Comments on Industry Canada's Spectrum Auction and Foreign Ownership Decisions
So we know what the startup wireless carriers think of the government's auction decision yesterday—a mixture of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. But what about the incumbents?... more
Telus and Vox Mobile Launch End-to-End Managed Mobility Services for Canadian Enterprises
Vancouver's Telus and Toronto's Vox Mobile have jointly launched a suite of end-to-end managed mobility services. Touted as the only such offer from a Canadian wireless carrier, the suite is a... more
Out of the Blue, Government Axes $40 Million Deal to Name BC Place 'Telus Park'
BC was poised to get a whopping $40 million for a 20-year deal that would see BC Place renamed to "Telus Park." The generous windfall was set to ease the financial burden of the $563 stadium... more
13 Samsung Smartphones offered by the Big Three Carriers
What kind of smartphone - or "superphone" you have as Bell is calling some of these feature-laden mobile devices these days - is a hot topic of discussion at a social event. The person struggling... more
Prime Minister Harper secures Pandas while Telus and Bell sign LTE agreement with Huawei Technologies
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Chinese leadership announced today that Canada and China are finalizing details on an agreement that would see the Chinese loan two giant pandas to zoos in... more
Telus launches 4G LTE wireless in 14 cities
Telus announced today that its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless service will be available to Haligonians starting February 10th. Telus plans to continue rolling out its 4G LTE coverage to... more
Rogers and Bell vying for a bite of Apple’s iTV
According to the Globe and Mail, Rogers and Bell are in talks with Apple to become Canadian launch partners for its much-hyped Apple iTV. While the iTV product remains cloaked in secrecy sources... more
Telus Health Solutions acquires Wolf Medical Systems
Telus Health Solutions announced this morning that they have acquired Wolf Medical Systems. The acquisition will create a new line of business within Telus Health Solutions called... more
Samsung Galaxy Note Arrives at Rogers, Telus, and Bell on February 14 for $249
Rogers, Telus, and Bell have all separately announced that they will be selling Samsung's Galaxy Note device next month. Best Buy has made the date official for all three via a pre-order landing... more
Mobilicity Will Struggle to Grow Without New Spectrum
As the government gets ever close to revealing its official rules for the next wireless spectrum auction, Mobilicity has come forth to once again emphasize the importance of reserving some spectrum... more
Play a Facebook Game Called Friends with Benefits and Win a Trip to Anywhere in Canada
Koodo has launched a Facebook gamified contest called Friends with Benefits. To celebrate Koodo's introduction of Canada-wide plans "that put an end to long distance and roaming charges," the FWB... more
Carleton University Unveils Huawei-Telus Innovation Centre for Enterprise Cloud Services [UPDATED]
Tomorrow, Carleton University in Ottawa will finally unveil the Huawei-Telus Innovation Centre for Enterprise Cloud Services. The establishment being created thanks to a $1.4 million... more
Canada's Big Three Telcos Trying to Trick Government into Ruining the Wireless Industry, Report Says
Ottawa is very close to releasing very salient information on whether or not there will be wireless spectrum reserved for startup discount wireless carriers in the next government auction.... more
Nokia Lumia 800 and Samsung Galaxy Note Coming Soon to Telus
The Lumia 800, one of the new smartphones collaborated on by Nokia and Microsoft, will be available exclusively from Telus. It is touted by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop as “the first real Windows... more
Controversial Service Launches in Canada, Lets You See Blocked Numbers
TelTech Systems has been operating TrapCall in America for three years. Now the controversial service is available in Canada for Rogers, Fido, Telus, and Bell customers. TrapCall is a mobile app... more
Hockey Fan? Who's on your Ultimate Team Canada Starting 6?
Just in time for today's semi-final game between Canada and Russia, Hockey Canada has launched a new mobile web experience to celebrate the IIHF World Junior Championship in Alberta. Created and... more
The CEOs of Rogers, Telus, and Bell Earned a Combined $23 Million in 2011
Ever wonder where the money you spend on your outrageously high smartphone bill goes? Right into the pockets of three lucky men. A new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives... more
Telus Expects Higher Profit and Revenue Next Year Thanks to Mobile Data Growth
Telus says that it expects to boost profit and revenue next year thanks to growing mobile data subscribers. The Vancouver-based telco expects revenue as high as $11 billion in 2012, up to 6%... more
Telus Launches Santa Tracker, an Interactive Television App for Optik TV
Telus has launched Santa Tracker, an interactive application on Optik TV. Santa Tracker enables fans to follow him as he leaves the North Pole to travel the globe as he visits children on... more
Win an HTC Amaze 4G from Techvibes courtesy of Telus
The 8th holiday gift featured in our 12 Days of Xmas with Techvibes giveaway is the HTC Amaze 4G courtesy of Telus. Valued at $600, the HTC Amaze 4G combines a powerful dual-core... more
Telus and Rogers Also Confirm They Don't Use Carrier IQ
Slowly but (somewhat) surely, Canadian consumers are being put at ease over the insane Carrier IQ madness. Two of Canada's biggest wireless operators, Telus and Rogers, have both confirmed that... more
Telco Profits Are Skyrocketing Because of Mobile Data. Do They Charge Us Too Much?
Telus experienced a profit growth last quarter of 30% thanks to wireless data revenue increasing 53%. This comes on the heels of Bell's profit jumping a remarkable 41% and Rogers' shooting up... more
Telecom complaints rise for 4th straight year; more involve wireless than ever before
Canada's Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services has reported an increase in telecom consumer complaints for the fourth straight year.  "Our Annual Report, 'Restoring... more
Telus is crowned as Toronto's and Calgary's best cellphone provider
In this year's "Best of Toronto" special edition of NOW Magazine, Telus was voted as the city's top cellphone provider. Telus was also voted Calgary's best cellphone service in the Calgary... more
Spread the word about your small business: Telus Elevator Pitch contest on Facebook
Have a great elevator pitch for your small business? If not, then there is no time like the present to write one. Earlier this month, Telus Business Solutions launched the Telus Talks Business... more
Telus invites Canadians to join the Pink Network to create a future without breast cancer
Telus and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation today announced the launch of the Go Pink campaign to raise money to fund breast cancer fellowships for research into the early detection and... more
TELUS to donate $25 for every pink BlackBerry Curve sold
TELUS is releasing a pink edition of RIM's new BlackBerry Curve 9360 in October, which is not coincidentally Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During the month, TELUS will donate $25 for every pink... more
Canadians exchange over 3,000 text messages per second
New research from Pew Research Center highlights the growing trend of choosing texting over talking, reinforced by Telus numbers for a Canadian parallel. The U.S. survey found nearly 1 in 3... more
Four tech companies make list of Canada's 15 most valuable brands
Brand Finance recently released new analysis of the world's top brands, including Canada's. Of Canada's 15 most valuable brands,  4 of them are technology companies. No surprises here, and... more
Bell and Virgin both revise their data flex plans for tablets
A week ago Telus added a flex data plan for its tablets. Virgin was the first to have one, back in December 2010. Bell added a flex plan in May 2011. Now both Virgin and Bell have revised their... more
Telus expands 4G wireless network in Atlantic Canada
Telus today announced it has upgraded its wireless network to HSPA+ dual cell in Atlantic Canada and is now offering faster wireless internet speeds in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island,... more
Telus adds flex data plan for tablets
As more tablets enter the market and more consumers buy them, a greater range of data plans is necessary. Telus has jumped on this idea and  created the Flex Data Plan for Tablets. With this... more
Where the Money's At: Telus has some of the highest-paid executives of any company in BC
Cha-ching. Such is the sound that must ring through Telus executives' ears as they swim in pools of cash and sip from golden goblets. In BC, there seems to be two ways to make serious money... more
Telus raises $250,000 for Junior Achievement of Canada to support young Torontonians
Telus and Junior Achievement of Canada today announced $250,000 has been raised to help support young Torontonians succeed. For more than 55 years Junior Achievement programs have helped more than... more
Telus is now selling the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the Torch 9810
Telus put the new BlackBerry models on its website immediately after RIM announced them, but they weren't for sale. But the "Coming Soon" has been removed and they are now ready for purchased.... more
Telus Q2 earnings: Smartphones and Optik TV drive revenue growth; telco boosts dividend
Telus reported second quarter 2011 revenue of $2.55 billion, an increase of 6.4 per cent over the same period last year. This increase was generated by 10 per cent growth in wireless revenue and... more
Some specs on the new BlackBerry Bold and Torch
So RIM has a lot of new OS 7 BlackBerry smartphones coming soon. How do they fair spec-wise? Here's some details of the two most notable BlackBerry models, the first touchscreen bold and the first... more
Canada's wireless startups snag a quarter of all new subscribers but still have a long way to go: Report
Startup wireless carriers like Wind and Mobilicity and capturing one in four new subscribers, according to a report by the CRTC, but they still have a long way to go. Public Mobile, Videtron,... more
Telus vs Shaw vs Rogers vs Bell: The Techvibes Guide to Choosing Your Home Internet Provider [Infographic]
  CLICK HERE TO READ OUR FULLY UPDATED 2012 EDITION!   Telus versus Shaw versus Rogers versus Bell: Who Should You Choose for Home Internet? Choice is a good thing. But when choices... more
Who's the richest of them all? TELUS scores $1-billion contract with B.C. government
Vancouver-based telco Telus has signed a 10-year contract with the B.C. government to provide it with a range of telecom services. The contract is worth $100 million per year, for a total value of... more
Telus does away with high cancellation and upgrade fees. Is this some sort of dream?
If someone were to ask you to name an organization that "champions fairness and transparency" and you answered "Telus," they would probably send you to an asylum. But these are fresh words coming... more
Now official: Telus to slash roaming rates by 60% in two weeks and left-jabs Rogers in the process
In a rare move of only semi-provoked kindness to consumers, telco titan Telus has announced that it will officially slash its international wireless data roaming rates by 60 percent effective June... more
Telus says it can slash roaming rates by half - and still be profitable
If profit is the name of the game then Canadian telcos are surefire winners. Following a report by the OECD that suggested Canadian telcos (Bell, Rogers, Telus) charge the world's highest rates... more
Is Koodo about to get the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry PlayBook?
Rumours are swirling that Koodo will be selling the iPhone 4 sooner than later. This shouldn't come as a surprise to many as consumers have been able to purchase Apple's smartphone for retail... more
Telus and Skype integrate; Telus launches Skype-edition LG Optimus Black
Telus and Skype have announced that they have signed an agreement that will change how smartphone customers use Skype, including the ability to purchase Skype Credit through their Telus accounts,... more
United Kingdom wisely bans three-year telecom contracts. Will Canada follow suit?
As the U.S. has already done, the U.K. has banned telecom companies from issuing three-year contracts to clients, capping the length at 24 months. The move, made by U.K.'s independent... more
Research in Motion is feeling the love from Canadians - and so are Rogers, Telus, and Bell
Major magazine Canadian Business recently published its annual list of Companies We Love, the 50 Canadian brands that Canadians feel positively toward. In spite of increased competition from Apple... more
Mobility versus the Big Three: Who has better network quality in Calgary?
In Calgary, wireless startup Mobilicity recently launched the Network Challenge, which pitted Mobilicity's network quality against the Big Three—Rogers, Telus, and Bell—in what was... more
Telus to donate up to $500,000 to Junior Achievement Canada
Telus is planning to raise up to $250,000 for the Toronto chapter of Junior Achievement and an additional $250,000 in the combined cities of Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. How will it do this?... more
Which Canadian wireless carrier is best? JD Power knows. Hint: It's none of the Big Three
JD Power and Associated unveiled its 2011 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction report today.  In it are some obvious facts: first, average monthly wireless charges increased from 2009.... more
Rogers will have a 4G network effective tomorrow - but it looks an awful lot like their 3G network
Effective tomorrow, Rogers will officially have a "4G" network. Except, according to a Rogers document, "the Rogers network is not changing. Only the terminology is changing." It won't be until... more
Telus unveils its first quarter report, cracking the 7-million subscriber mark
Cracking the 7-million subscriber mark was the highlight of a strong first quarter report for Vancouver's Telus, which saw an increase of 6.5 percent in revenue and a wireless data revenue surge of... more
Big Three still responsible for 95% of Canadian wireless subscribers
Digital Home reported yesterday that the number of wireless telephone subscribers in Canada increased by 7.4% during 2010.  According to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association... more
Telus offers consumers free how-to sessions with 'PlayBook Pro' specialists to learn the new tablet
Virtually every wireless carrier and tech retailer will be selling the new BlackBerry PlayBook on April 19 for $500 to $700. But only Telus has staged a perk a la Apple Geniuses, in which a... more
Report suggests wireless entrants to claim 16% marketshare by 2016, but neglects one thing
The Convergence Consulting Group has released a new study. Titled “The Battle for the North American (Canada/US) Couch Potato: Bundling, TV, Internet, Telephone, Wireless,” the study... more
Mobilicity takes direct shot at Big Three with April Fools introduction of Data Access Fee
Nothing better than a tiny company willing to poke holes into the feet of the giants trying to stomp on them. In this instance, wireless startup Mobilicty issued an April Fools press release... more
Public Mobile expects other startups to fail and wants to acquire them. Good luck
Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic has come out and said - without naming names, of course - that it expects one or two of the wireless startups to run out of money by the end of the year. And that... more
Blink Media and Telus collab to launch television show about apps
What would you call a TV show about apps?  How about AppTV? Done. Blink Media Works has announced that they're working with Telus to produce a weekly 30-minute show about apps of any and... more
Why is everyone offering free smartphones?
Rogers, Bell, Telus, and now even SaskTel are offering smartphones for $0. Conditions vary, but the standard is a two or three year contract and a minimum monthly rate plan of about $50. ... more
Wind Mobile agrees: consolidation in Canada's telecom industry is necessary
Let's talk subscribers. Telus: 7 million. Bell: 7.3 million. Rogers: 9 million, Wind, Public Mobile, and Mobilicty combined? Less than half a million, or under two percent the amount the Big... more
Telus to invest $22 million in Manitoba for 4G wireless network
Telus is investing $22 million in Manitoba this year to expand its 4G wireless services for consumers, businesses, and healthcare providers. This network investment builds upon the $250 million the... more
Will America's AT&T and T-Mobile merger trigger aftershocks in the Canadian telecom industry?
When AT&T announced on the weekend it would buy T-Mobile in full for $39 billion, few saw this coming. But while both companies serve the U.S., this unexpected earthquake in America's telecom... more
Telus to Offer Wi-Fi-enabled Motorola XOOM Tablet
Canadian telecom Telus will be stocking the new, Android-powered Motorola XOOM tablet, which will rely on Wi-Fi networks rather than the Telus 4G network. According to a Monday announcement, Telus... more
Telus donates $100,000 to Japanese earthquake relief, makes donating easy for customers
While we’ve already covered some good work being done by Vonage in response to the Japanese earthquake, Telus is also stepping up in a big way in response to the disaster. They’ve... more
Bell a repeat offender as it earns title of 'Canada's worst cellphone bill' second year in a row
CBC Marketplace aired its second annual “Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill" episode, where they asked Canadians for feedback on who has the worst bill in the country.  The episode,... more
Telus Garden to be Canada's first commercial LEED Platinum project - if it happens, that is
If you've ever walked around the downtown Vancouver blow that the Telus headquarters occupies, you've probably felt underwhelmed. It's really quite mediocre—a forgettably dull and drab... more
Bell, Rogers, and Telus all waive their 'activation fee' (for a little while, anyway)
First it was Bell. Then Telus. Finally Rogers. Within just a couple of days of each other, all three major Canadian telcos have axed their $35 "activation fees"—Bell until March 16, and the... more
Telus transforms Optik TV platform into 'The next frontier of social networking'
Do you "Like" Optik TV? If so, now you'll love it. Telus has introduced a Facebook app on its Optik TV platform, allowing users to access all their Facebook features without leaving the... more
Telus to invest $700 million in B.C. this year to expand wireless and wireline networks
Telus will spend $670 million this year in an effort to expand its wireless and wireline networks throughout B.C. Involved in this investment is the addition of 76 new cell sites for both rural... more
A different kind of Egyptian crisis: Travelling Vancouverite racks up $37,000 cellphone bill
A brand new BMW 328i sedan. A 20 percent downpayment on a $185,000 condominium. Several trips to Egypt and back. These are some of the things that $37,000 will fetch you, though it's unlikely that... more
TELUS investing $650 million in Alberta
TELUS announced earlier today that it is investing $650 million across Alberta this year to further expand and enhance its wireless and wireline networks. This year's network investment builds... more
Optik TV gathers momentum as Telus posts positive fourth quarter results
Vancouver-based telco Telus has acquired 10 percent of the B.C.-Alberta television subscription market in less than a year through its rollout of Optik TV. In fact, The Vancouver Sun observed that,... more
Giga-gouging: Bell and Shaw want to charge you more for your Internet
Canada's major internet service providers want to charge you more for your internet usage. Despite Stephen Harper's government coming down on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications... more
Ontario politician on Canadian telcos: 'Consumers are tired of being gouged by these companies'
Earlier this week we observed that Telus will now let eligible customers "unlock" their phones for a ludicrously overpriced fee of $50 (Rogers and Fido recently did the same). Ontario... more
Telus will now offer customers the option to unlock their mobile devices (for a ridiculous fee)
Beginning the day after Valentines Day, Telus wireless customers will have the option of unlocking their mobile phones. What's unlocking? Unlocking a device enables a phone to work on other... more
'Stop the Meter' petition explodes past 200k signatures, Canadian governments each take a stance
228,614. That is the rapidly growing number of people are who adamantly opposed the CRTC's decision to implement usage-based billing this March. The number reflects the signatures of a petition... more
Consumer backlash surges; Vancouver's OpenMedia says 'broadband is about to cost much more for Canadians'
Few were happy when the CRTC announced a decision that may spell disaster for smaller internet providers and further oligopolist powers for the major providers—"This has to be the most... more
CBC is looking for 'Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill' again, but includes one strange and major flaw
In March of last year, CBC ran an interesting piece titled "Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill," which through over 1,000 submissions saw outrageous bill amounts as high as an eye-popping $6,000.... more
The real reason that Canada's new wireless mobile carriers are underperforming – it's not the Big Three
When the federal government hosted an auction to sell for a slice of the "advanced wireless spectrum," or AWS, Canadians were thrilled with the notion that multiple new companies were break into... more
Teleco Telus tallies text traffic in 2010, and the tech trend is that texting trumps talking
It probably won't surprise many that Vancouver Sun's "Digital Life" writer Gillian Shaw reported that texting traffic doubled in 2010, and is in some cases overtaking talking. The trend has... more
Telus gets into the holiday spirit, offers free taxi rides all week across Canada
Telus is providing free taxi services in various cities across Canada up until—and including—Christmas Day. Some of the major cities involved include Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton,... more
Canadian wireless startups gaining ground; capturing one-third of all new subscribers
Recent figures and analyst calculations have revealed that Canadian wireless startups Wind Mobile, Public Mobile, and Moblicity are wrangling one-third of all new cellphone subscribers. This... more
Telus tells LGBTQ teens that It Gets Better
LGBTQ Telus employees are sharing their own personal experiences of growing up gay and dealing with homophobia as part of the “It Gets Better” campaign. It Gets Better is an online... more
Why aren't Canadian telecoms as good as AT&T when it comes to solving 3G dropped calls?
The CBC reported today that the Consumers Association of Canada is hearing more and more complaints from consumers about dropped calls on 3G cell phone networks. The CBC reported that the group... more
Windows Phone 7 phones released in Canada today
Handsets powered by the new Windows Phone 7 software went on sale across Canada today as Microsoft tries to win market share in the mobile phone space. In Canada, the Big Three big launched a... more
Telus to hire 200 customer service staff in Edmonton
Thanks to the success of their Optik digital television service, Telus announced that 200 new employees would be hired to work at the company's Edmonton call centre. The additional employees bring... more
Windows 7 phones coming to Canada
Today, Microsoft finally revealed their new Windows Phone 7 handset.  We have a beautiful lineup in this first wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets.  Microsoft and its partners are... more
As e-bills become ubiquitous, I ask: How can consumers tolerate now being charged for paper bills?
As of last week, Telus (and the subsidiary Telus) officially charges $2 per month if a consumer wishes to receive paper bills. You know, the kind mailed to you the old fashioned way. They're not... more
Black’s Photo leverages TELUS' cloud with new Mobile Apps
Today, Black’s Photo, along with parent TELUS, unveiled their next generation of digital imaging with a fully integrated photo management site and smart phone app. Both of these brand new... more
TELUS turns to Acision for managing their ever-growing SMS and MMS messaging infrastructure
With SMS text message volume growing 70 per cent every year, how is Telus, with 6.7 million wireless subscribers nationally, going to cope with ever-growing volume, and more importantly, the... more
When the Wind blows West: Will Wind Mobile take down Canada’s telecom titans?
Originally published in the Other Press. From titans maintaining an oligopoly to unproven newcomers, the Canadian wireless provider industry in wrought with distrust and uncertainty. But... more
TELUS' new Facebook app supporting breast cancer detection
If you’ve noticed that a lot more of your Facebook friends are changing their profile pictures than normal, and they all seem to be following a similar theme — extreme pinktitude... more
Company says landlords failing to ink best deals for rooftop cellphone tower leases
Every week Techvibes republishes an article (or two) from Business in Vancouver. This article was originally published in issue #1089 - September 7 - 13, 2010. They’re contracts that can... more
TELUS named first Canadian carrier to implement carrier billing for BlackBerry App World
TELUS is rocking the BlackBerry news this week. First they announced that the BlackBerry Torch would be available on September 24th and then today they announced that they are the first Canadian... more
Telus helps students start their school year with Kits for Kids, offering backpacks jammed with supplies
Students in 20 cities throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec will receive one of Telus's "Kits for Kids," a total of which 2,400 will be distributed to students in the lower... more
Getting out of the office and giving away TELUS swag
The folks at TELUS asked me to participate in their "Work Shift, Work Styles, Work Anywhere – Flexible Work across Canada" summer blog series and my post appeared on their TELUS Talks... more
Wind Mobile investor calls Rogers, Telus, and Bell 'a joke,' says Canadian wireless provider climate is awful
Naguib Sawiris is a billionaire scion of possibly the most prominent business family in all of Egypt, and a serious contender globally, especially in telecom. And he's adding to his family's legacy... more
CRTC tells Canada's largest telecommunication providers to share fibre-optic networks
The CRTC ruled yesterday that Canada's largest telecommunication providers must open up their fibre-optic networks to wholesale retailers and provide them with the same service options that they... more
Survey suggests the end of flat-rate fees for telecom services, but bias is in the air
The Globe and Mail published an article on Monday, revealing the results of a recent survey. The survey polled nearly 400 international mobile executives and—wait, what's that? Yes, I said... more
Telus fears 'serious implications' of Shaw's acquisition of Canwest, submits concerns to CRTC
Shaw's $2-billion purchase of Canwest Global Communication's broadcasting assets has cast a dark shadow over the industry, says Telus. They warn that Shaw's acquisition could lead to market power... more
New Telus ad campaign smelling a lot like Old Spice... but far, far worse
The scent of this scenario should be called "Rotten Rip-off." Everyone remembers the recent social media storm stirred up by the smooth-talking, manly-and-handsome Old Spice Guy. It went... more
A challenge to all smartphone retailers and wireless plan carriers: Will any of you actually read this?
Hello. My name is Knowlton Thomas and there is a flip phone latched onto my belt. If you've read the Techvibes blog within the past four months, chances are you've read some of my stuff. I have... more
Surprise, surprise: Complaints arise over complexity, cost of Canada's telecom giants Rogers, Bell, and Telus
(As if we didn't know already.) Canada's Big Three, the telecom oligopoly consisting of Rogers, Bell, and Telus, have been accused in a report of having cellphone contracts that are too long, too... more
Europe's INQ Chat 3G officially launches in Canada through Telus and Koodo
We reported recently that the popular-in-Europe INQ Chat 3G, a youth-oriented phone centred around social networking, was arriving in Canada soon via Telus and its discount brand, Koodo. That time... more
Telus refuses to lower prices despite challenging competition on the horizon
Rogers has created Chatr, and Bell has stated its Solo Mobile subsidary will be shifting down market. Chatr and Solo will be locking their crosshairs onto targets Wind Mobile, and Moblicity,... more
Europe's INQ Chat 3G coming soon to Canada through Telus and Koodo
U.K.'s London-based INQ Social Mobile, a top European and Asian provider of mobile handsets with social media integration, is coming to Canada. A worldwide movement is in its beginning... more
Telus says its new fibre optic technology 'will transform the world'
What Optik does is open the way for the future ... it will transform the world. These are the words of Chris Langdon, VP of consumer products and services at Telus' Vancouver headquarters. He... more
Telus: The future is friendly... unless you're a broke deadbeat. 4 theories on why Telus dissed its customers
In case you missed it—and we forgive you, as the debacle was short-lived—Canadian wireless provider Telus called customers "broke deadbeats" on its own website. Roughly an hour later,... more
TELUS rapidly removes paragraph on its website calling consumers broke deadbeats
Just one hour ago, we reported on Telus calling its consumers potentially "broke" and "deadbeats." Telus has already removed the paragraph, which means it wasn't a foul sense of humour—it... more
TELUS calls consumers broke deadbeats outright, won't stand for people not paying bills
EDITOR'S UPDATE: yes, this is 100% real. Telus pulled it very shortly afterward. Arpad Barabas, Founder and CEO of Mobizou, reported to us an interesting couple of lines on a Telus... more
News in Short: The top five wireless trends, study shows less than 1% of torrents are legal
Globe on Technology offers "low-down" on future of Canada's telecom industry The Globe and Mail's Globe on Technology, run by expert tech bloggers, suggests their top five trends for Canada's... more
Canada's wireless leaders form excessively lucrative oligopoly, reap world-high profits
It's only been just recently that Canada has seen new wireless startups enter the market in a bid to stir the pot of healthy competition. And our country be damned if we don't need it—the... more
TELUS and Canadian Football League partner up on new mobile app
Last week, the Canadian Football League announced a new two-year partnership with TELUS to provide CFL fans with a cool new mobile app. Starting later this season, football fans will be able to... more
iPhone 4 coming to Canada on July 30th
Not much of a surprise here, but Apple has now finally revised its previous "by the end of July" iPhone 4 launch timeframe for some of the remaining international countries. That list includes... more
iPad in Canada: Which data plan is best? Rogers vs Telus vs Bell
If you haven't already bought an iPad, you're probably thinking about it. But which data plan best suits your needs? TELUS, Rogers, and Bell all offer data plans for the Apple iPad, ranging from... more
Rogers nabs naming rights in TELUS' backyard
The Vancouver Canucks announced today that Rogers Communications has purchased the naming rights to the home of the NHL franchise and the rink formerly known as GM Place will now be Rogers Arena.... more
Telus-to-Optik rebranding disappoints consumers, dubbed an 'epic fail'
Telus recently rebranded its TV and Internet services, calling them Optik TV and Optik Internet. The Vancouver-based company, which has 6.6 million wireless subscribers, 1.2 million... more
Multiplied Media adds live agent services thanks to TELUS
Calgary's Multiplied Media announced today that it will be enhancing its Poynt Mobile App in North America with TELUS live operators."We are pleased to partner with TELUS to provide live agent... more
New TV brand is Telus’ latest shot in battle for B.C. - Alberta consumers
Every week Techvibes republishes an article (or two) from Business in Vancouver. This article was originally published in issue #1076 - June 15 - 21, 2010. Telus Corp. (TSX:T,T.A; NYSE:TU)... more
Bell, Rogers, and Telus pilot oneAPI in Canada
Wireless Industry Partnership Connector Inc. (WIP) is working with the GSMA on a global initiative called OneAPI. It's all about network APIs and making it easier for application developers to... more
Canada gets iPad release date and prices
If you haven't already cross-boarder shopped yourself one of Apple's new iPads, you might be interested to know that the company has finally announced the first round of countries getting... more
Canada's wireless industry starts to look competitive
Disclaimer: I am currently employed by a Rogers Wireless dealer in a retail sales position. With Wind Mobile conducting hiring sessions in Vancouver this week in advance of their expansion into... more
Telus vs. Shaw: which should you choose for home Internet?
UPDATE: We have now a 2014 edition of this guide. A post in the Techvibes forum back from early 2004 asking which was the better Internet service provider remains Google's top search result for... more
The Truth: What Canadians pay for wireless service with Rogers, Bell and Telus
Who really provides the best deal in Canada?  When it comes to wireless the debate, in public at least, has been going on for years.  Rogers recently called themselves the MOST reliable... more
Telus takes the PVR to the next level... and several rooms in your house
TELUS TV has taken a major step forward with their new PVR box, introduced today in selected markets. The service/hardware, called "PVR Anywhere", allows users to have a central PVR box distribute... more
TELUS' Mobility Trends for 2010
2009 was a big year for innovation in Canada’s wireless industry with new devices, new ccompetitors and the launch of the country’s largest 3G+ network. The upcoming year holds... more
BIV 2009 Forty Under 40 - Tech Edition
After 20 years, Business in Vancouver continues to find 40 outstanding young business professionals worthy of the Forty under 40 distinction each year. Forty under 40 celebrates the depth of... more
Telus helps to launch Upopolis - a healthy space for kids to connect
Just in time for the holidays, TELUS and Kids’ Health Links Foundation (KHLF) recently announced the launch of Upopolis, an online social network designed especially for young patients in... more
Globalive Wireless gets government support
  Industry Minister Tony Clement has announced today that his government will allow Globalive Wireless Management Corp. to offer cellphone service in Canada. "We have concluded through... more
Is your Organization Olympics Ready?
This is a guest post from Shawn Hall, Senior Communcations Manager of TELUS The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games represents an intense competition for athletes around the world, but the international... more
Big Three Telcos thwart innovation AND cut jobs
According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian economy gained a surprising 79,000 jobs in November, with the unemployment rate easing 0.1 percentage points to 8.5%. The story hasn't been quite as... more
The Globalive Saga - Why Can't There Be A Fourth National Wireless Provider In Canada
Things are getting hot in the Canadian wireless industry with the continuing Globalive saga. Globalive, a Toronto-based company, has been eager to launch a national wireless service called Wind... more
Telus Launches iPhone Today - Rogers Exclusivity Broken In Canada
Telus has debuted the iPhone today. Drumrolls.. Apple initially launched the iPhone in Canada exclusively with Rogers as it was the only GSM network in the country. Bell and Telus, however, had... more
TELUS Announces Possible iPhone Pricing Plans
TELUS today announced that on November 5th, it will be launching new clear and simple pricing plans with no System Access Fees or carrier 911 fees. This includes a revamp of their current plans to... more
TELUS and Bell make it official with Apple and the iPhone
Yesterday Bell announced that they COULD be selling the iPhone on their new network by November and we speculated that both Bell and TELUS would have the iPhone by Christmas. Both carriers made it... more
iPhone coming to Telus and Bell before Christmas
October 6, 2009 Update: Telus and Bell make it official with Apple and the iPhone Bell Canada and Telus Corp. confirmed today that they COULD begin selling the Apple iPhone next month, breaking... more
De-regulation rattles junior Internet service providers
Every week Techvibes will be republishing an article from Business in Vancouver newspaper. This article was originally published in issue #1039 - September 22-28, 2009. Four B.C. companies have... more
Canadian Kids Know How to Surf the Web
Props to Canadian tots!TELUS/Ipsos Reid released the results of the national Canadians and Technology survey commissioned by TELUS, which found that 75 per cent of children of young families who... more
Coalition for Competitive Broadband prepares to go to war
With new telecom companies poised to hit next year, you’d think Canada’s long history of monopolistic telecoms would be at an end. But a recent CRTC decision that lifted restrictions on... more
TELUS brings back half-price Tuesdays to the movies
While prices still don't compare to the $2.50 Tuesdays of the 1980s, this is a start. Cineplex Entertainment and TELUS announced today the arrival of TELUS Tuesdays exclusively in Cineplex... more
TELUS acquires Black's Photo for 113 retail locations across Canada
TELUS Corporation announced today that it has acquired Black's Photo which is in line with its imperative to advance its wireless and data strategy by expanding the distribution of wireless... more
Mobile phone calls most expensive in in Canada, Spain, and the US, says OECD report
Yesterday the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) released their 2009 OECD Communications Outlook and declared that Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden have the lowest... more
Share prices rise thanks to Telus/Bell merger speculation
Shares of Telus and BCE Inc. rose this morning after RBC Dominion Securities' Jonathan Allen published a report speculating that the two biggest telecom players in Canada would merge within two... more
Big Three wireless providers unveil Zoompass
As promised earlier this year, Bell, Rogers and Telus have all come together to create ZoomPass, a system where users can make mobile payments visa their phone. An iPhone app has just been... more
iPhone coming to Telus and Bell early next year?
October 6, 2009 Update: iPhone coming to Telus and Bell before Christmas File this under the “heavily rumoured” column. Apparently two sales clerks at a Telus store in downtown... more
CTV partners with TELUS to offer mobile video streaming
CTV and TELUS today announced a new initiative that will give TELUS wireless customers access to some of CTV’s top programming via mobile video streaming.  News clips from CTV and BNN,... more
Cable company, broadcaster battle far from over following latest CRTC ruling
Every week Techvibes will be republishing an article from Business in Vancouver newspaper. This article was originally published in issue #1030 - July 21 - 27, 2009. Telus Corp. (TSX:T; NYSE:TU)... more
Public Mobile looks to Wal-Mart for distribution
Yesterday the Financial Post covered Public Mobile's plans to sell their phones with unlimited call plans through Wal-Mart Stores. According to CEO Alek Krstajic, the Toronto-based startup plans to... more
Who's running Bell's Google AdWords campaign?
At Techvibes we keep a pretty close eye on our stats and are well aware of which blog posts and site pages are most popular thanks to the magic of Google Analytics. One five-year old Forum post... more
Sierra Wireless picks up top awards at TIAs
The BCTIA hosted their annual Technology Impacts Awards (TIAs) at the new Vancouver Convention Centre tonight and they were a sold-out affair. Sierra Wireless was named Company of the Year and... more
Cheap B.C. hydro power attracting major data centres to the province
Every week Techvibes will be republishing an article from Business in Vancouver newspaper. This article was originally published in issue #1025 - June 16 - 22, 2009. A new generation of... more
Bell, Rogers, and Telus unveil Zoompass
Canada's three big telcos have gotten together to create a new mobile payment service for person-to-person cash transactions. The new service labeled Zoompass will be operated by Toronto-based... more
BC's Top 100 Tech companies event
BCTIA is hosting their annual BC's Top 100 Tech Companies TechForum event next week. Hear from BC Tech companies that made the Business in Vancouver Top 100 list - companies that continue to grow... more
Telus chooses Elastic Path for Mobility site
Elastic Path Software announced today that TELUS is using their ecommerce framework as part of their new redesigned website. The new site offers an improved client experience to... more
TELUS-Rotman survey on IT Security
Telus is conducting their second annual TELUS-Rotman survey on IT Security. The survey created in partnership by TELUS Security Labs and the Rotman School of Management aims... more
Twitter Two-Way SMS returns to Rogers, Fido
In a bold move that show just how ahead of the curve they really are, Rogers and Fido have reached a deal with Twitter to bring back the ability to send and receive updates to the microblogging... more
TELUS MIKE Playoff Beard Challenge
If you haven't caught a little thing called the Canucks playoff fever just yet, you better catch it soon. Why? TELUS and Sportsnet have launched the MIKE Playoff Beard Challenge and are looking for... more
BC Children's Hospital launches social network for kids
BC Children's Hospital, Telus and Kids' Health Links Foundation today announced the launch of Upopolis, the first secure online social network for kids in hospital care in Western Canada.... more
Telus Spends More Money Building Wireless
Less than a month after Telus announced that it would spend $500 million in BC to build telecom infrastructure, it says it will now invest an additional $700 million in Alberta to do the... more
Telus sends agents home to work
The Vancouver Sun's Gillian Shaw sat down recently with Vancouver Entrepreneur Stephen Jagger to chat about the benefits of launching a digital office. Considering today's economy, there is no... more
Telus to invest $500 Million to improve BC broadband
Vancouver-based Telus Corp. announced today that it will spend $500 Million from its 2009 capital budget to advance wireless and wireline broadband infrastructure in British Columbia. The new... more
Rogers Doubles Network Speed with 3.5G For Phones Other Than Yours
Bell and Telus are only starting to get their 3G deployments going, but today Rogers has announced that most of their network has been upgraded to 3.5G capability, also referred to by the... more
Telus cuts managers to lower costs
Vancouver-based Telus Corp. announced yesterday that they laid off about 100 senior managers in an effort to reduce costs in declining areas of its business and make more money available for growth... more
Telus gets Hands On with BlackBerry Storm did a test drive of the new BlackBerry Storm today with Judy Mellett of Telus and it looks like a huge upgrade for BlackBerry. With Telus already running an ad-campaign focused around... more
Telus to track Medical histories
According to Telus' research, 55 per cent of Canadians track their medical history on paper, one third electronically and one in four by memory. This survey findings explain why Telus Corp.... more
Telus Wins VoIP Contract for Vancouver City Services
I always enjoy news about big infrastructure deployments. The City of Vancouver, 2010 Olympic host city and western terminus of the CPR, has awarded a $7 millon contract to Telus to provide an IP... more
Telus and Bell Rumoured To Make Inevitable Leap to GSM
Via Wirelessnorth, come rumors that Bell and Telus will be switching to a GSM network from their current CDMA networks. While these are rumors with no cited source, it's also a move that has been a... more
TELUS Acquisition to Reduce Travel
TELUS announced today that it has acquired Toronto-based web streaming solutions provider Fastvibe Corporation. Launched in 2000, Fastvibe currently serves 130 corporate customers including Bank of... more

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