Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees was founded on the insight that great conversations begin with a cup of coffee. Ten Thousand Coffees’ digital platform is connecting students, recent grads and young professionals with industry leaders and influencers from over 21 different industries to have a conversation, share insights, ignite ideas and unlock opportunities over coffee.

If you've got experience to share, sign up as an expert and connect with the leaders of tomorrow. Being an expert isn't about age or title. Whether you’re 30 years into your career or last year’s intern, you’re an expert to someone. If you're a student, recent graduate, or young professional looking to learn from someone with experience, sign up as a novice.

Every Canadians is encouraged to join the movement at www.TenThousandCoffees.com. You never know where a conversation will take you.

Social Media, Startup

380 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada