Teradici Corporation

Teradici Corporation

Teradici drives innovation to fundamentally change the way people use and deploy computers, by developing technology and solutions that deliver a true, uncompromised PC user experience over IP networks.

Our focused approach in designing advanced image processing algorithms implemented by highly integrated, high speed silicon enables the physical separation of the computer and the user. With our unique concept which we call PC-over-IP, we deliver an uncompromised experience while providing rigorous security and superior management of the computing system.

Teradici, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a fabless semiconductor company. Since 2004, we've focused on designing and developing silicon-based technology that will forever change the way enterprises compute. The concept is simple, bridging a true PC or workstation computing experience over the network. However, to do it right, the technology is extremely complex. This technology is the first of its kind, and represents the beginning of a new evolution of datacenter-based computing.

Our seasoned team of hardware and software engineers comes from a number of leading technology companies. We are backed by noteworthy venture capital companies from the Silicon Valley, Canada and Europe. And, our technical advisors and board members represent a preeminent list of industry pioneers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Teradici is uniquely positioned to drive broad-based system integration of PC-over-IP technology into the marketplace. Starting in the summer of 2007, we will deliver technology never seen before. Technology that will finally allow enterprise IT to solve their security and management problems while giving end users the full fidelity computing they desire.

Teradici PC-over-IP technology is making possible: True Experience. Network Delivered.


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