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The Next 36 addresses Canada's deficit of high impact entrepreneurship by providing resource-rich education programs to promising young entrepreneurs. It was founded by a small group of business leaders and academics and is championed by Founding Patrons W. Galen Weston, Paul Desmarais, Sr. and Jimmy Pattison. We believe that by fast-tracking the development of Canada’s most talented young innovators, we will help create industry-changing businesses and grow Canada's long-term prosperity. The Next Founders is the second program from The Next 36 and is designed for young founders of tech start-ups looking to scale quickly.

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Pulling Back the Curtain: Behind the Scenes of The Next 36
Come and learn more about what The Next 36 program is all about. You'll have the chance to meet the entrepreneurs of our current cohort, hear from faculty and a guest entrepreneur speaker, and meet... more

News on The Next 36

N36 Opens Applications for Next Founders Cohort
The Next 36 is seeking 20 founders of scalable growth ventures to join the 2016 cohort of The Next Founders. This year’s recruitment tour will feature events delivered in partnership with... more
The Next 36 Introduces 2016 Cohort of Young Entrepreneurs
The Next 36 in Toronto has chosen its 2016 cohort of 38 young innovators. Over 80 percent of finalists have already founded at least one business, says the organization. The successful group was... more
The Next 36 Launches National Campus Tour in Search of Canada’s Top Young Entrepreneurs
Canada’s premiere founder development program for young entrepreneurs is hitting the streets in search of its 2016 cohort. Students and recent grads will have an opportunity to hear from... more
Spotlight Awards Celebrate Canadian Unicorns and Centurions in Toronto
On September 17 the Spotlight Awards will celebrate this year's Unicorn & Centurion Canadian companies and you're invited to attend. Billed as the "social event of the year for Canadian tech... more
The Next 36 Now Seeking 2016 Cohort of High Impact Entrepreneurs
The Next 36 has launched its annual search for the country’s top young entrepreneurs at Canada’s largest startup festival in Montreal. Interested undergraduates and recent grads have... more
Six Canadian Accelerators Join Microsoft BizSpark Plus Program
L-Spark, a Canadian accelerator focused on enterprise SaaS and cloud startups, announced today that it has been selected by Microsoft as one of the Canadian accelerators to be part of the newly... more
The Next Founders on the Lookout for Canada’s Most Promising Startups
The Next 36 is seeking 20 founders of massively scalable, high growth ventures, to join the 2015 cohort of The Next Founders. The Next Founders builds on a world-class academic model and provides... more
The Next 36 to Host Second Wearable Technology Hackathon
Canada’s top undergraduate programmers will again have the chance to build software and apps for cutting-edge wearable hardware on the planet. As part of its National Campus Tour, The Next... more
The Next 36 Unveils Winners of Venture Day 2014
250 investors, mentors, and supporters recently packed MaRS Discovery District to capacity to hear 23 venture pitches from the The Next 36 and The Next Founders. The event was Venture Day, an... more
Canadian Government Announces Which Startup Accelerators Will Get Funding Under CAIP
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the organizations that have been chosen to advance in the selection process for the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP). He made the... more
The Next 36 Launches 'The Next Founders,' an MBA for Entrepreneurs
The Next 36, a program for young entrepreneurs, is launching a new program called The Next Founders. The Toronto-based organization says Next Founders is an executive education program designed... more
Next 36 Graduate Atlus Acquired by Ottawa's Purple Forge Corp
Atlus announced this morning that it has been acquired. The mobile location recommendation platform was acquired by Purple Forge Corp, a Canadian mobile company that builds apps for cities,... more
The Next 36 and Google Host Hackathon to Build Software for Wearable Technology
This past weekend the Next 36 put on their first official Hackathon where Canada’s most innovative students were challenged to create new software on wearable computing hardware devices,... more
N36 Hosts Wearable Computing Hackathon Featuring Thalmic's MYO Armbands
The Next 36 will be holding its first ever Hackathon on September 13 and 14 in Waterloo and Toronto hosted by Google.  The theme will be wearable computing and the N36 are delivering the... more
BDC Invests a Total of $1.5 Million in 10 Canadian Accelerator Graduates
BDC Venture Capital, frequent providers of $150,000 convertible notes for startups, is announcing $1.5 million in support of 10 Canadian accelerator graduates today. In today’s news it... more
The Next 36 Sends Five Promising Canadian Startups on New York Field Trip to Pitch US Investors
Practice might make perfect when it comes to pitching your budding mobile startup to potential investors, but everyone knows there’s nothing quite like the real thing. Unless, of... more
Cohort by Cohort, The Next 36 is Cultivating Canada’s Future Leaders
Late last year the British satirical site The Daily Mash offered a witty yet valid inquiry on young entrepreneurs. Could shows like Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank be encouraging the creation of... more
How The Next 36’s Needle HR is Changing the Creative Industry
Within six months of meeting each other, three young entrepreneurs in Toronto’s The Next 36 program had launched a startup. Two days after launching they had their first customer. Skip... more
Six Reasons Your Startup Should Join an Accelerator Program
Toronto-based MaRS Discovery District recently released a report called Seeding Success: Canadian Startup Accelerators that breaks down numerous aspects of accelerator programs in Canada. In the... more
The Next 36 Presents New Webseries About Canadian Entrepreneurs
The Next 36 is a unique new program developed to increase young Canadian entrepreneurs’ development. By providing a series of life changing experiences, participants will be able to build... more
Kira Talent Gains Wealth of Knowledge with Addition of Four Notable Experts to Advisory Board
Toronto's Kira Talent has added four important names to its advisory board. The Canadian startup, which boasts an award-winning video interviewing platform, hopes the addition of these... more
Canadian Launches The Founder Project, a Seed Stage VC Fund for Student Startups
The Founder Project is opening its doors in Montreal to student entrepreneurs and startups in the hopes of sparking a university-wide micro investing initiative. Ilan Saks founded the project... more
Next 36 Graduate Strokelink Links Stroke Survivors to Full-time Care
Strokelink is redefining the path to recovery for stroke survivors. Strokelink is an iPad app that enables stroke survivors the means to continue therapy between hospital care and therapy... more
Canadian Startup Kira Talent Partners with Business School to Improve Candidate Screening
Toronto-based Kira Talent has partnered with the Richard Ivey School of Business HBA program. The Canadian startup's technology will allow the school to better evaluate candidates during the... more
Kira Talent Announces Seed Investment from Wind Mobile Chairman Anthony Lacavera and Others
Last week Toronto's Kira Talent announced that it raised seed funding from Relay Ventures, with participation from over 10 angel investors including Wind Mobile chairman Anthony Lacavera. Kira... more
The Next 36 Adds a Western Canadian Partner
For the past several years, UBC has sought to develop a culture of entrepreneurship among its student population. Through initiatives like entrepreneurship@UBC, the Spark alumni branch, and the New... more
Startup Career Opportunities Abound with The Next 36 Alumni
The goal of The Next 36 is to help launch the careers of Canada’s most promising and innovative undergraduates. And it's doing that in more ways than one. The Next 36 gives students the... more
Next 36 Alumni Aims to Take the Pain out of Online Classifieds
In the wake of the negative publicity surrounding Craigslist’s crackdown on companies scraping their data, Tradyo has launched what they think today's online classifieds should look like.... more
The Next 36 on Lookout for 2013 Cohort of Canada's Top Student Entrepreneurs
The Next 36 has launched its annual search for the country's next great business builders. The program, which seeks to leverage the bright minds of Canada's young entrepreneurs, is now accepting... more
Government Invests $800,000 in The Next 36 to Foster Student Entrepreneurship in Canada
It's been revealed that the Government of Canada is giving nearly $800,000 to The Next 36, a nonprofit organization located in Toronto that "strives to launch the careers of Canada's most promising... more
The Next 36 is looking for BC's most entrepreneurial students
The Next 36 is coming out to BC and will be connecting with over 400 students over two days. If you're a university student come learn about The Next 36 – Canada’s Entrepreneurial... more
The Inaugural The Next 36 Program Has Now Driven 19 Total Ventures
Back in mid-July I attended the graduation ceremony for Canada's inaugural The Next 36 program which has founding patrons such as Galen Weston, Jimmy Pattison and Paul Desmarais Sr. which produced... more
The Next 36 Selects Canada's Best Young Innovators
The Next 36, a year-old initiative to "transform the country's most promising undergraduates into Canada's top entrepreneurs," has selected its second cohort of 36 young innovators. The... more
Techvibes TV at GROW 2011: The Next 36's Tradyo
Tradyo is a Toronto-based startup that aims to bring the concept of bartering and swapping back to a neighbourhood level.  The free iPhone app is the brainchild of four freshly graduated... more
The Next 36's Venture Day: Eight Student-Backed Start-ups ask Venture Capitalists for Funding
Give nine teams of students a chance to become great mobile entrepreneurs and you get what is called the The Next 36, Canada’s Entrepreneurial Initiative. A student spin off of the... more
University of Toronto launches The Next 36 with Reza Satchu
Last week the University of Toronto announced the launch of a national program that aims to transform Canada’s most promising undergraduates into high impact entrepreneurs. The Next 36 takes... more

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