the PYXIS innovation

the PYXIS innovation

the PYXIS innovation™ was founded in 2003 and is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our customers create and own geospatial content. Our value to them is a new market of users.

We lead the world in the use of discrete global grid technologies, a powerful Digital Earth reference. the PYXIS innovation™ has created a major breakthrough to a perplexing and long-standing geo-informatics challenge. We have grown from a scientific research organization, focused on solving the hard problems required for a Digital Earth platform, to an internationally recognized commercial vendor of geospatial-intelligence solutions.

We believe that we can help everyone make better decisions by simplifying access to, and use of, geospatial content. If you are a content provider we want to help you deliver your data to more decision-makers. If you are a decision-maker we want to make it easy for you to create your own maps and answer your pressing questions.

Software, Startup

University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive Northwest
Calgary, Alberta, Canada