Thoora helps people discover What the World is Talking About by delivering the news that is attracting the most interest and reaction – making it easy for people to filter through the noise to find the content that offers the most value, insight and perspective. Thoora’s real-time algorithm takes a unique approach to delivering news by focusing on the stories that everyone’s talking about, rather than what a small group of editors or A-list bloggers deems important. Thoora’s ability to sort through more than 81 million blogs and 4,500 mainstream media sources is driven by its leading edge and proprietary filtering, clustering and ranking algorithm. This lets Thoora offer a unique perspective on what’s happening in a truly unique and unbiased manner.


News on Thoora

Roger Ventures funded search engine Thoora to shut down this week
In January of 2010 at the EpCon 2010 conference in Waterloo Thoora founder and CTO Chul Lee stated with boldness and conviction that he wanted "Thoora to be the Google of Canada." Today the... more
Four Toronto startups represent at DEMO Event
Toronto was represented well today at the DEMO Spring 2011 event in Palm Desert with Guardly, Thoora, Trendspottr, and Viafoura all getting some solid coverage on VentureBeat. Conrad Egusa... more
Toronto at South By Southwest Interactive - Part 3
Have you ever wondered what goes on at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas?  Have you ever asked yourself if this is the type of event you should be attending?  Ask no... more
Thoora - The Google of Canada
It's a bold statement to make but it is one that Thoora founder and CTO Chul Lee stated with boldness and conviction:  "We want Thoora to be the Google of Canada." This past weekend, Chul was... more
Chul Lee, Founder & CTO of Thoora discusses media
  Chul Lee is not only the founder and Chief Technology Officer for startup Thoora.  Chul is also a very proud Canadian who is working with a very smart team to make Thoora the "Google"... more
Toronto-based Thoora Tracking The World Wide Buzz
Thoora, a new and promising start-up based in Toronto, is aiming to shake up the real-time news aggregation market. It uses its proprietary technology to identify the "buzz" around the web and puts... more
In conversation with Globe and Mail's Communities Editor Mathew Ingram
Late last week I had the opportunity to sit down with the Globe and Mail's Mathew Ingram.  I first met Mathew as he led a discussion almost a year ago at PodCamp Toronto.  It was my first... more
The Demos of NextMEDIA Toronto
November 30th was the first day of the two day NextMEDIA event in Toronto, and in the afternoon of the event, five companies demoed their products. Representatives from Ogmento, Thoora, Darwin... more
DemoCamp Vancouver 9 lineup announced
DemoCamp Vancouver 9 is tonight at 6:30pm in the Atrium of The Landing at 375 Water Street (next to Steamworks) and it is sold-out. The event lineup is set but as always there will be time for... more
Rogers Ventures launches today as a new source of early-stage and seed investment for technology start-ups
Led by Melinda Rogers, Rogers Ventures is a new source of early stage seed level investment for technology start-ups. They find great talent with powerful ideas and invest in their business... more
Fifth edition of Startup Camp Montreal this week
Startup Camp Montreal 5 is taking place this week and DEMO's Chris Shipley will be this edition's keynote speaker. Startup Camp Montreal allows an opportunity for all early stage companies,... more
TechCrunch 50 - Who was the top Canadian startup?
TechCrunch 50 is in the books and San Mateo's RedBeacon picked up the $50,000 top prize yesterday.  RedBeacon is a new service making its public debut today at TechCrunch50 that further... more
Thoora makes Eight Canadian Startups at TechCrunch 50
Techvibes had earlier reported that there were seven Candian companies attending TechCrunch50 - well it turns ot there was actually eight. Toronto's Thoora joined Vancouver's StorySomething and... more

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