TinyMassive.com is a unique comparison shopping engine (CSE) in the making. Created by merchants, TinyMassive has developed patent pending tools and features that build upon and enhance the comparison shopping experience for shoppers, publishers and the merchant community.

“When selling online, no matter the product we were continually frustrated by a low return on investment from standard click through methods at existing CSE sites” says Lauren Miller, COO. “We knew from experience that customers browsing our products possessed key information. But something in the user experience at CSE level wasn’t translating this information and prevented us from converting more traffic to sales.”

With this in mind, TinyMassive was founded on the vision that by improving conversion, the user experience falls into place. “Comparison shopping should be quick and simple while providing the richest social shopper experience possible. We like to think we have achieved that by addressing conversion head on”.

Following months of collaboration with merchants across North America, TinyMassive was founded in July, 2007. “The launch of our shopping widget network, exposing products to millions of targeted visitors and handing control of that audience back to merchants is the first step. We’re thrilled with the response and can’t wait to show off our comparison shopping destination at TinyMassive.com later this summer” adds Miller.

The company is based in Bellingham, WA and Vancouver, BC. TinyMassive is made up of a passionate team of innovators, merchants and world-class developers with expertise in search and social network development.


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